Contour Laser Cutter 320

Sublimation Laser Cutter Within 3.2 meter Wide


To meet cutting requirements for large & wide format roll fabric, MimoWork designed the ultra-wide format sublimation laser cutter with CCD Camera to help contour cut the printed fabrics like banners, teardrop flags, signage, exhibition display, etc. 3200mm * 1400mm of working area can carry almost all sizes of fabrics. With the assistance of a CCD Camera, the contour laser cutter 320 is qualified to accurately cut along the pattern contour according to the feature mark. A sturdy laser structure is equipped with a rack pinion transmission device and step motor control system, ensuring the consistent cutting quality for long service life.

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Camera Laser Cutting Machine for Large Format of Sublimation Fabrics

A Giant Leap in Productivity

Ultra-wide format fits various materials sizes

The large working area of 3200mm * 1400mm almost load all the sizes of fabrics, especially large advertising flag and signage. The sublimation laser cutter of wide breadth is an indispensable important participator in outdoor adverting and outdoor gear fields.

Robust structure with long service life

Equipped with the strong & steady laser configuration and flexible transmission system, even though featuring a large body, the contour laser cutter still can flexibly cut as well as needs less maintenance for long service life.

Precise pattern cutting

Sublimation fabrics and other patterned fabrics need to be accurately cut along the contour. CCD Camera Recognition System is the perfect solution cooperated with the precise laser cutting, allowing the laser head to move and cut strictly as the graphic file.

Matched laser options are available

To smooth the production line and highly efficiently achieve the cutting process, we offer specialized auto-feeder to match the conveyor table, realizing auto feeding, conveying, and cutting in a short time while no need for manual intervention.

Technical Data

Working Area (W * L) 3200mm * 1400mm (125.9’’ *55.1’’)
Max Material Width 3200mm (125.9’’)
Software Offline Software
Laser Power 130W
Laser Source CO2 Glass Laser Tube
Mechanical Control System Rack & Pinion Transmission and Step Motor Driven
Working Table Conveyor Working Table
Cooling Mode Constant Temperature Water Cooling
Electricity Supply 220V/50HZ/single phase

(Highlights of wide laser cutter, flag cutter, banner cutter)

R&D for Printed Fabric Laser Cutting

The CCD Camera equipped next to the laser head can detect feature marks to locate the printed pattern, so as to provide instruction for the laser head's path. The good cooperation between CCD Camera Recognition System and gantry moving ensures the accuracy of the pattern contour cutting for large format printed fabrics. o.oo1mm accuracy greatly enhances the cutting quality.


Y-axis Gear & X-axis Belt Drive

The camera laser cutting machine features a Y-axis rack & pinion Drive and X-axis belt transmission. The design offers a perfect remedy between a large format working area and smooth transmission. Y-axis rack & pinion is a type of linear actuator that comprises a circular gear (the pinion) engaging a linear gear (the rack), which operates to translate rotational motion into linear motion. The rack and the pinion drive each other spontaneously. Straight and helical gears are available for the rack & pinion. X-axis belt transmission provides a smooth and steady transmission to the laser head. High-speed and high precision laser cutting can be completed.

Auto Feeder is a feeding unit that runs synchronously with the laser cutting machine. Coordinated with conveyor table, the auto feeder can convey the roll materials to the cutting table after you put the rolls on the feeder. To match the wide format materials, MimoWork recommends the widened auto-feeder which is able to carry a bit of heavy load with large format, as well as ensure feeding smoothly. Feeding speed can be set according to your cutting speed. A sensor is equipped to ensure perfect material positioning and minimize errors. The feeder is able to attach different shaft diameters of rolls. The pneumatic roller can adapt textiles with various tension and thickness. This unit helps you to realize a completely automatic cutting process.

The Vacuum Suction lies under the cutting table. Through the small and intensive holes on the surface of the cutting table, the air 'fastens' the material on the table. The vacuum table does not get in the way of the laser beam while cutting. On the contrary, together with the powerful exhaust fan, it enhances the effect of smoke & dust prevention during cutting.

Customize Your Contour Laser Cutter As Requirements

Any questions about laser cutter & options, professional technicians solve your puzzled !

Video | How to Contour Laser Cut with CCD Camera

(Additional explanation - For more clearly show the process of CCD Camera positioning and pattern cutting for you, we put another edition of the video where the gantry and CCD Camera are exposed so you can understand easily.)

Sublimation Fabric Laser Cutting

As you can see from that, feature areas are recognized, which tells the right pattern position to the laser head so as to complete accurate contour cutting as your design file. Intelligent detection saves time and avoids errors.

In a similar war, large format of printed fabrics such as outdoor flags can be also cut along the pattern contour. Thanks to the non-contact cutting with heat treatment, clean and smooth edge is about perfect.

Sublimation Fabric Laser Cutting

The 2023 newest camera laser cutter will be your great partner in laser-cutting sublimated sportswear. Laser cutting printed fabrics and laser cutting activewear are advanced and automatic methods and for our laser cutting machine with camera and scanner.

The advantages of high efficiency and high yield stand out much. The video shows a fully automatic vision laser cutter for apparel. Dual Y-axis laser heads provide the camera laser cutting machine with incomparable efficiency in laser cutting sublimation fabrics (laser cutting jersey).

Common Materials and Applications

Materials: Sublimation Fabric, Polyester, Spandex Fabric, Nylon, Canvas Fabric, Coated Fabric, Silk, Taffeta Fabric, and other printed fabrics.

Applications: Print Advertising, Banner, Signage, Teardrop Flag, Exhibition Display, Billboard, Sublimation Clothing, Home Textiles, Wall Cloth, Outdoor Equipment, Tent, Parachute, Paragliding, Kiteboard, Sail, etc.


Laser Cutting Printed Fabrics with Contour Laser Cutter 320140

Fields of Application

Excellent cutting quality in laser cutting signs, flag, banner

Flexible and efficient production solution for laser cutting outdoor advertising

Benefiting from no limitation on shape, size, and pattern, customized design can be fast realized

Quick response to market from samples to large-lot production

The secret of exquisite pattern cutting

✔ Camera detecting and positioning save the labor while ensuring the cutting quality

✔ Sublimation print fabric can be accurately cut along the contour

✔ Auto-feeder provides the great convenience for roll fabric with a large format

✔ Combination tool with your Calendar Heat Press

Maximum materials performance for protection

The performance requirements are much higher for outdoor fabric. Like some properties of sun protection, durability, anti-abrasion, breath-ability, waterproof, wear resistance, laser cutting can protect from damage due to contactless processing. Tent, parachute, paraglider, sail, kiteboard, and other large printed equipment can all be laser cut with safe and high efficient features.

High-quality value-added laser treatments

Customized tables meet requirements for varieties of materials formats

FYI: If you are interested in more laser-friendly materials and applications, welcome to inquire us for your free. Or you can discover more laser magic in our materials collection and application gallery.

How to Obtain Quality Laser-cut PVC Fabric

1. The Right Laser Tube

Select the appropriate laser tube to prevent the occurrence of dark burnt edges. Achieving optimal cutting quality in cotton poses a significant challenge, particularly in avoiding burnt edges. One effective solution is to utilize a MimoWork water-cooled laser tube, which helps minimize the laser spot size (beam diameter). While universal air-cooled laser tubes can deliver similar quality, it's worth noting that the settings for air-cooled lasers may be more sensitive.

How to Install & Maintain Glass Laser Tube

2. Qualified & Well-trained

Select the appropriate laser tube to prevent the occurrence of dark burnt edges. Achieving optimal cutting quality in cotton poses a significant challenge, particularly in avoiding burnt edges. One effective solution is to utilize a MimoWork water-cooled laser tube, which helps minimize the laser spot size (beam diameter). While universal air-cooled laser tubes can deliver similar quality, it's worth noting that the settings for air-cooled lasers may be more sensitive.

How to Find Focal Length for Laser

3. Fully-enclosed: Fume Extraction

Opt for a closed system with effective fume extraction to address the release of smoke during cotton laser cutting. Although the emitted smoke may not pose a life-threatening risk, it can still be harmful. Therefore, precautions should be taken to prevent inhalation. The MimoWork Flatbed 320 laser cutter boasts a fully enclosed chamber equipped with a customized extraction fan system to eliminate all fumes from the cutting chamber.

Laser cutting cotton demands extra attention and should not be approached lightly. Taking necessary precautions is crucial for ensuring high-quality laser cutting results for various types of cotton materials.

Laser Cutting Leggings


Large Format Cutter for Sublimation Banner, Flag for Sale
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