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Galvo Laser Marker 80

Expert of Marking, Cutting And Perforating Large Material Piece


GALVO Laser Marker 80 with a totally enclosed design is definitely your perfect choice for industrial laser marking. Thanks to its max GALVO view 800mm * 800mm, it is ideal for marking, cutting, and perforating leather, paper card, heat transfer vinyl, or any other large piece of material. The MimoWork dynamic beam expander can automatically control the focal point to achieve the best performance and strengthen the firmness of the marking effect. The totally-enclosed design provides you a dust-free working place and improves the safety level under a high-power laser. Moreover, CCD Camera and conveyor working table as MimoWork laser options are available, helping you realize an uninterrupted laser solution and maximize labor savings for your manufacture.

Product Detail

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Industrial GALVO Laser Marking Made Easy

Industrial GALVO Laser Marking Made Easy


Full Enclosed option, meets class 1 laser product safety protection


World-leading level of F-theta scan lens with finest optical performance


Voice Coil Motor delivers maximum marking speed up to 15,000mm's


Advanced mechanical structure allows laser options and customized working table

Technical Data

Working Area (W * L) 800mm * 800mm (31.4” * 31.4”)
Beam Delivery 3D Galvanometer
Laser Power 250W/500W
Laser Source Coherent CO2 RF Metal Laser Tube
Mechanical System Servo Driven, Belt Driven
Working Table Honey Comb Working Table
Max Cutting Speed 1~1000mm/s
Max Marking Speed 1~10,000mm/s

R&D for Flexible Material Cutting


F-Theta Scan Lenses

MimoWork F-theta scan lens possesses a world-leading level of optical performance. In a standard scan lens configuration, the F-theta lens for CO2 laser systems is used for marking, engraving, via hole drilling, meanwhile contributes to the laser beam’s fast positioning and precision focusing. 

A regular basic focusing lens can only deliver a focused spot to one particular point, which has to be perpendicular to the working platform. A scan lens, however, delivers the finest focused spot to countless points on a scan field or workpiece.


Voice Coil Motor

VCM (Voice Coil Motor) is a type of direct-drive linear motor. It is able to move bi-directionally and sustain a constant force over the stroke. It serves to make slight adjustments to the height of the GALVO scan lens to promise an optimum focal point. Comparing with other motors, the high-frequency motion mode of VCM can help MimoWork GALVO System to stably deliver a maximum marking speed up to 15,000mm’s theoretically. 

Fields of Application

Laser Cutting for Your Industry

Speed and quality can be met at the same time


Automatic feeding & cutting due to Auto-Feeder and Conveyor Table


Continuous high speed and high precision ensure productivity


Extensible Working Table can be customized in accord with material format

of GALVO Laser Marker 80


Textiles (natural and technical fabrics), Denim, Leather, PU Leather, Wood, PMMA, Paper, Vinyl, EVA, Rubber, Plastic and other Non-metal Materials


Shoes, Bags, Garments Accessories, Gift Card, Labels, Packing, Puzzles, Heat-transfer Vinyl, Fashion (Sportswear, Denim, Footwear, Bags), Interior (Carpets, Curtains, Sofas, Armchairs, Textile Wallpaper), Technical Textiles (Automotive, Airbags, Filters, Air Dispersion Ducts)

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