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Laser Cutting Car Seat

Laser cutting car seat

Having a significant impact on riding experience and driving safety, the car seat is expended functions except for seating, such as heat and cool cycle to adjust seat temperature and ensure seating comfort. How to process these seat parts revolving around the heating element that is non-woven with heat copper wire, stuffing materials like spacer fabrics and foam, and cladding has been concerning for manufacturers, which is closed related to product quality and profits. More and higher requirements for car seats push laser processing representing top speed and quality to the forefront. On the support of template matching systems and precise cutting, non-woven with heat copper wire can be accurately cut while not damaging heat elements and saving materials to the greatest extent. 

Moreover, laser cutting and perforating can be realized on a single operation, which plays important role in seat cover processing, especially for leather and PU cover. It’s also adaptable for cutting printed textiles used in the seat cover and seat cushion due to contour recognition that ensuring accurate contour cutting regardless of pattern shapes and sizes.


More benefits you will achieve from laser cutting car seat

-Heat sealing timely results in tidy and smooth edge

-High repetition precision guarantees consistent high quality

-Saving materials with fine incision and minimal heat affected zone

-Contactless processing means materials intactness

-No tool wear and replacing

-Laser cutting and perforating on single operation

-Safe and dustless environment with digital control and exhaust fan

-No limit on materials shapes and sizes

Car Seat4.pngCar Seat3.png

Related applications and materials

Applications – Seat Cover, Seat Cushion, Heated Car Seat, Seat Stuffing, Infant Car Seat, Seat Armrest

Materials – Spacer Fabrics, 3D Mesh Fabrics, Foam, Non-Woven, Leather, PU, Polyester, Knitted Fabrics, Printed Textiles

Laser processing technology

-laser cutting


-laser perforating


Added value with Mimo options

-Precise cutting along copper wire saves materials equipped with Template Matching System

-Accurate printed textiles cutting with Contour Recognition System

-Continuous feeding and processing through Feeding System and Conveyor Table

-Efficient and convenient operation through optional Software

-No dust and smoke with Exhaust Fan and Fume Extractor