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Perforated Fabric Laser Machine

Fabric Laser Perforating and Cutting Machine for Your Garments, Industrial Fabrics


The Galvo & Gantry laser machine is only equipped with a CO2 laser tube but can provide both fabric laser perforating and laser cutting for garments and industrial fabrics. That greatly improves the machine utilization rate and reduces space footprint. With a 1600mm * 1000mm working table, the perforated fabric laser machine can carry most fabrics of different formats, realizes consistent laser cutting holes without interruption and manual intervention. Not only powerful and clean fabric laser cutting but the perforated fabric laser machine is also characterized with high-speed laser perforation of 13000 holes/3min. With the support of a conveyor system, auto-feeding, cutting, and perforating will further enhance production efficiency.

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Laser Perforating for Sportswear

✦ Improve the breathability of clothing (especially for sportswear)

✦ Enrich the appearance, build the brand style

✦ Customize diverse holes shapes and layouts

(Superior Specifications for your fabric laser hole cutting, fabric laser engraving and laser marking )

Technical Data

Working Area (W * L)

1600mm * 1000mm (62.9” * 39.3 ”)

Beam Delivery

3D Galvanometer

Laser Power


Laser Source

CO2 Glass Laser Tube

Laser Head

Galvanometer Head & X-Y Cutting Head

Mechanical System

Step Motor, Belt Driven

Working Table

Honey Comb Working Table, Conveyor Table

Max Cutting Speed


Max Marking Speed


Perforation Speed

13,000 holes/3min

Advantages from Fabric Laser Perforation Machine

Structure Features


Galvo Laser Head & Gantry Laser Head

Equipped with the galvo and gantry laser heads, the laser machine is so versatile to wear many hats that it can realize laser cutting, laser perforating, laser engraving, and laser marking on fabrics, leather, and other industrial materials. Possessing the steady laser cutting of the X-Y axis, fast and uniform laser perforating, and sophisticated engraving from flying galvo laser head, the laser machine is widely used in sportswear fabric perforating and garment accessories processing.

Highlights of the Perforated Fabric Laser Machine


High Efficiency:

Laser perforating and laser cutting can be realized on one machine. With the combination of the galvo laser head and gantry laser head, you can complete the production with consistent & fast galvo perforation of 13,000 holes/3 min, as well as gantry laser cutting without splicing problem.


Multiple Applications:

It's so convenient for the fabric laser perforating and cutting like fashion and sportswear. Sheet and roll fabric can be all uploaded on the working table and be laser processed. You can first laser perforation and then start fabric laser cutting. If only laser perforated fabric, that's also accessible.


Stable and Safe Structure:

The stable honey comb table guarantees the materials flat and consistent & premium finished effects from laser perforating, cutting, and engraving. MimoWork Laser is proud of reliable and stable quality with the CE Certification.


Flexible and Customized Design:

Any holes layouts, shapes, and diameters can be customized and adjusted before importing the graphic file. You can easily realize the design of specific styles as well as enhance the breathability thanks to the flexible laser perforating and laser cutting without pattern limitation.

Upgrade from the Laser Perforating and Cutting Machine

Auto Feeder delivers continuous and automatic materials feeding to the working table. For the roll fabric and leather, it can always ensure the flatness and smoothness of the material until laser perforating and laser cutting. Saving labor and time.

The Conveyor System is the ideal solution for series and mass production. The combination of the conveyor table and the auto feeder provides the easiest production process for cut coiled materials. It transports the material from the roll to the machining process on the laser system.

The CCD Camera can recognize and position the pattern on the printed fabric, assisting the galvo & gantry laser machine to realize accurate pattern cutting with high quality after laser perforation. For some sublimation sportswear, the customized graphic design printed can be flexibly laser cut along the outline with the optical system.

Befitting laser configuration means optimal productive efficiency

Laser Perforation Applications

Samples Glance

• Perforated Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Leather Perforated Shoes

• Perforated Sportswear (perforated legging)

• Perforated Curtain…

Except for the perforated fabric and perforated leather used in garments, home textiles and footwear, the perforated fabric laser machine can also laser perforate on the car seat, fabric duct, film, patch, and some garment accessories. You may not expect that the laser perforation driver's license can be  even achieved by the galvo laser machine. Also, due to the fine laser beam and high speed, intricate laser engraving on the denim, paper, felt, fleece and nylon is available with the galvo & gantry laser machine.

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