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CW Laser Cleaner (1000W, 1500W, 2000W)

Continuous Fiber Laser Cleaner Assists Large Area Cleaning


The CW laser cleaning machine has four power options for you to choose: 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, and 3000W depending on cleaning speed and cleaning area size. Different from pulse laser cleaner, the continuous wave laser cleaning machine can reach higher-power output which means higher speed and larger cleaning covering space. That’s an ideal tool in shipbuilding, aerospace, automotive, mold, and pipeline fields due to the high efficient and steady cleaning effect regardless of the indoor or outdoor environment. High repetition of laser cleaning effect and less maintenance cost make CW laser cleaner machine a favourable and cost-effective cleaning tool, helping your production upgrade for higher benefits. Handheld laser cleaner and automatic robot-integrated laser cleaner are optional according to your specific requirements.










Product Detail

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(high-power laser cleaner for metal and non-metal)

Technical Data

Laser Power





Clean Speed






Single phase 220/110V, 50/60HZ

Single phase 220/110V, 50/60HZ

Three phase 380/220V, 50/60HZ

Three phase 380/220V, 50/60HZ

Fiber Cable




Beam Width


Scanning Speed



Water cooling

Laser Source

CW Fiber

* Sigle Mode / Optional Multi-Mode:

Single galvo head or double galvo heads option, allowing the machine to emit light flecks of different shapes

Selecting a suitable laser cleaning configuration?

Superiority of CW Fiber Laser Cleaner

▶ Cost-effectiveness

Continuous wave fiber laser cleaner has the ability to clean larger size of areas such as building facilities, and metal pipes. Higher speed and steady laser output ensure high repetition for mass cleaning. Plus, no consumables and low maintenance costs enhance the competition in cost-effectiveness.

▶ Lightweight Design

The continuous wave handheld laser cleaner adopts special lightweight materials, greatly reducing the laser gun weight. That's convenient for operators to use for a long time especially for cleaning large metal construction. Precise cleaning location and angle are easy to realize with the light laser cleaner gun.

▶ Multi-function

Tunable laser power, scanning shapes and other parameters allow the laser cleaner to flexibly clean different pollutes on various base materials. It can remove resin, paint, oil, stains, rust, coating, plating and oxide layer that are widely used in ships, auto repair, rubber molds, injection molds, high-end machine tools, and rails cleaning. This is an absolute advantage that any other traditional cleaning method does not have.

▶ Optimized Design

A sturdy laser cleaner cabinet covers the important four parts: fiber laser source, water chiller, handheld laser cleaner gun, and digital control system. Compact machine size but strong structure body is qualified in various working environments and laser cleaning for different materials. The optical fiber cable has a low energy consumption and can be customized in length. And the optimized optical path design enhances movement stability and reliability during cleaning

▶ Environmentally Friendly

Laser cleaning in an environmental treatment on metal and non-metal surfaces. Due to no consumables for chemicals, or grinding tools, the investment and cost are lower compared with traditional cleaning methods. And laser cleaning does not produce dust, fume, residues, or particles thanks to the extraction and filtration from the fume extractor.



(Further improve production and benefits)

Upgrade Options


3 In 1 Laser Welding, Cutting and Cleaning Gun

Boost your cleaning efficiency and quality with the CW laser cleaner with high power

⇨ How to pick one suitable laser solution

Samples of CW Laser Cleaning


Large Facilities Cleaning: ship, automotive, pipe, rail

Mold Cleaning: rubber mold, composite dies, metal dies

Surface Treatment: hydrophilic treatment, pre-weld and post-weld treatment

Paint removal, dust removal, grease removal, rust removal

Others: urban graffiti, printing roller, building exterior wall


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How to perform the laser cleaning appropriately – 4 Methods

Various Laser Cleaning Ways

◾  Dry Cleaning

– Use the pulse laser cleaning machine to directly remove rust on the metal surface

◾  Liquid Membrane

– Soak the workpiece in the liquid membrane, then use the laser cleaning machine for decontamination

◾  Noble Gas Assist

– Target the metal with the laser cleaner while blowing the inert gas onto the substrate surface. When the dirt is removed from the surface, it will be blown off immediately to avoid further surface contamination and oxidation from the smoke

◾  Noncorrosive Chemical Assist

– Soften the dirt or other contaminant with the laser cleaner, then use the noncorrosive chemical liquid to clean (commonly used for cleaning stone antiques)

Comparison: laser cleaning VS other cleaning methods

  Laser Cleaning Chemical Cleaning Mechanical Polishing Dry Ice Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaning
Cleaning Method Laser, non-contact Chemical solvent, direct contact Abrasive paper, direct contact Dry ice, non-contact Detergent, direct-contact
Material Damage No Yes, but rarely Yes No No
Cleaning Efficiency High Low Low Moderate Moderate
Consumption Electricity Chemical Solvent Abrasive Paper/ Abrasive Wheel Dry Ice Solvent Detergent 
Cleaning Result spotlessness regular regular excellent excellent
Environmental Damage Environmental Friendly Polluted Polluted Environmental Friendly Environmental Friendly
Operation Simple and easy to learn Complicated procedure, skilled operator required skilled operator required Simple and easy to learn Simple and easy to learn


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