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Portable and compact fiber laser cleaning machine cover four main laser components: digital control system, fiber laser source, handheld laser cleaner gun, and cooling system. Easy operation and wide applications benefit from not only the compact machine structure and fiber laser source performance, but also the flexible handheld laser gun. Ergonomically designed laser cleaning gun has a lightweight body and sleek hand feeling, being easy to hold and move. For some small corners or uneven metal surfaces, the handheld operation is more flexible and with ease. There are pulsed laser cleaners and CW laser cleaners to meet various cleaning requirements and applicable circumstances. Rust removal, paint stripping, coat stripping, oxide removing, and stain cleaning are available with the handheld laser cleaner machine that is popular in the automotive, aerospace, shipping, building, pipe, and artwork protection fields.











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Superiority of Handheld Fiber Laser Cleaner

▶ Easy Operation

Handheld laser cleaner gun connects with the fiber cable with a specific length and is easy to reach the products to be cleaned within a larger range. Manual operation is flexible and easy to master.

▶ Excellent Cleaning Effect

Due to the unique fiber laser property, precise laser cleaning can be realized to reach any position, and controllable laser power and other parameters allow pollutants to be stripped away while no damage to base materials.

▶ Cost-Effectiveness

No consumables are required except for electricity input, which is cost-saving and environmental-friendly. And the laser cleaning process is accurate and thorough for surface pollutants like rust, corrosion, paint, coating, and others, so no need for post-polishment or other treatments. Higher efficiency and less investment, but amazing cleaning results.

▶ Safe Production

Sturdy and reliable laser structure ensures laser cleaner a long service life and less maintenance are required during use. Fiber laser beam transmits steadily by the fiber cable and no damage to the operator. For the materials to be cleaned, base materials do not absorb the laser beam so that no damage to that.

Handheld Laser Cleaner Structure


Fiber Laser Source

To ensure the laser quality and consider cost-effectiveness, we equip the cleaner with a top-notch laser source, which has stable light emission and service life as long as 100,000h


Handheld Laser Cleaner Gun

Connecting with the fiber cable with a specific length, the handheld laser cleaner gun can move and rotate to adapt to the workpiece position and angle, enhancing cleaning mobility and flexibility.


Digital Control System

Laser cleaning control system provides various cleaning modes by setting different scanning shapes, cleaning speeds, pulse width, and cleaning power. And the function of pre-storing laser parameters helps save time. Stable electricity supply and precise data transmission enable the efficiency and quality of laser cleaning.

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(handheld laser cleaner of various powers)

Technical Data

Max Laser Power





Laser Beam Quality





(repetition range)

Pulse Frequency

20-400 kHz

20-2000 kHz

20-50 kHz

20-50 kHz

Pulse Length Modulation

10ns, 20ns, 30ns, 60ns, 100ns, 200ns, 250ns, 350ns

10ns, 30ns, 60ns, 240ns



Single Shot Energy





Fiber Length





Cooling Method

Air Cooling

Air Cooling

Water Cooling

Water Cooling

Power Supply

220V 50Hz/60Hz

Laser Generator

Pulsed Fiber Laser




Laser Power





Clean Speed






Single phase 220/110V, 50/60HZ

Single phase 220/110V, 50/60HZ

Three phase 380/220V, 50/60HZ

Three phase 380/220V, 50/60HZ

Fiber Cable




Beam Width


Scanning Speed



Water cooling

Laser Source

CW Fiber


* Sigle Mode / Optional Multi-Mode:

Single galvo head or double galvo heads option, allowing the machine to emit light flecks of different shapes

Selecting a handheld laser cleaner that suits you?

Applications of handheld laser cleaning


Microelectronics Cleaning: semiconductor component, microelectronic device (pulse)

Antique Repair: stone statue, bronze ware, glass, oil painting, mural

Mold Cleaning: rubber mold, composite dies, metal dies

Surface Treatment: hydrophilic treatment, pre-weld and post-weld treatment

Shipping hull cleaning: Paint removal and rust removal

Others: urban graffiti, printing roller, building exterior wall, pipe

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Video Display - Fiber Laser Cleaning

Laser Cleaning Software

◾  Various cleaning shapes are available (linear, circle, X shape, etc)

◾  Adjustable width of the laser beam shape

◾  Adjustable laser cleaning power

◾  Adjustable laser pulse frequency, up to 1000KHz

◾  SpinClean mode is available, which is spiral laser cleaning mode to ensure a gentle touch on the workpiece

◾  Up to 8 common settings can be stored

◾  Support various languages

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