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Pulsed Laser Cleaner (100W, 200W, 300W, 500W)

Pulsed Fiber Laser Cleaner with a Higher Cleaning Quality


The pulse laser cleaning machine has four power options for you to choose from 100W, 200W, 300W, and 500W. As you know, the pulsed fiber laser featuring high precision and no heat affection area usually can reach an excellent cleaning effect even if under a low power supply. Due to the noncontinuous laser output and high peak laser power, the pulsed laser cleaner is more energy-saving and suitable for fine parts cleaning. Fiber laser source has premium stability and reliability, with the adjustable pulsed laser, is flexible and serviceable in rust removal, paint removal, stripping coating, and eliminating oxide and other contaminants. With the handheld laser cleaning gun, you can freely adjust the cleaning positions and angels. Check out the specifications to pick the one that suits you.














Product Detail

Product Tags

(portable laser cleaning machine for metal & non-metal)

Technical Data

Max Laser Power





Laser Beam Quality





(repetition range)

Pulse Frequency

20-400 kHz

20-2000 kHz

20-50 kHz

20-50 kHz

Pulse Length Modulation

10ns, 20ns, 30ns, 60ns, 100ns, 200ns, 250ns, 350ns

10ns, 30ns, 60ns, 240ns



Single Shot Energy





Fiber Length





Cooling Method

Air Cooling

Air Cooling

Water Cooling

Water Cooling

Power Supply

220V 50Hz/60Hz

Laser Generator

Pulsed Fiber Laser



* laser powers - laser cleaner size

* pulse width - heat affected area

* fiber cable length - movement flexibility

How to select a suitable laser cleaning configuration?

Superiority of Pulsed Fiber Laser Cleaner

▶ Non-Contact Processing

Exposure to the rusted metal workpieces to high-concentrated light energy, laser cleaners remove the contaminant through the combined effect of evaporation, ablation treatment, impulse wave, and thermoelastic stress. No cleaning medium is required in the whole rust removal process, the laser cleaning process avoids the problem of damaging the base material from the traditional physical polishing cleaning or cleaning the additional chemical residual from the chemical cleaning method.

▶ Environmentally Friendly

The smoke dust that is generated from the vaporization of the surface coating materials can be collected by the fume extractor and discharged into the air through purification, such a way minimizes the pollution to the environment and health concerns from the operators.

▶ Multi-function

By simply adjusting the power parameter, one can remove the surface dirt, coated paint, rust, and film layer from the metal, oxide, or inorganic non-metal materials with the same laser cleaning machine. This is an absolute advantage that any other traditional cleaning method does not have.

▶ Low Operating and Maintenance Cost

Compared with sandblasting and dry ice cleaning, laser cleaning does not require additional consumables, cutting down the operating costs from the first day.

Comparison: laser cleaning VS other cleaning methods

  Laser Cleaning Chemical Cleaning Mechanical Polishing Dry Ice Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaning
Cleaning Method Laser, non-contact Chemical solvent, direct contact Abrasive paper, direct contact Dry ice, non-contact Detergent, direct-contact
Material Damage No Yes, but rarely Yes No No
Cleaning Efficiency High Low Low Moderate Moderate
Consumption Electricity Chemical Solvent Abrasive Paper/ Abrasive Wheel Dry Ice Solvent Detergent


Cleaning Result spotlessness regular regular excellent excellent
Environmental Damage Environmental Friendly Polluted Polluted Environmental Friendly Environmental Friendly
Operation Simple and easy to learn Complicated procedure, skilled operator required skilled operator required Simple and easy to learn Simple and easy to learn


Enhance cleaning efficiency and quality with a portable fiber laser cleaner

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How to perform the laser cleaning appropriately – 4 Methods

Various Laser Cleaning Ways

◾  Dry Cleaning

– Use the pulse laser cleaning machine to directly remove rust on the metal surface

◾  Liquid Membrane

– Soak the workpiece in the liquid membrane, then use the laser cleaning machine for decontamination

◾  Noble Gas Assist

– Target the metal with the laser cleaner while blowing the inert gas onto the substrate surface. When the dirt is removed from the surface, it will be blown off immediately to avoid further surface contamination and oxidation from the smoke

◾  Noncorrosive Chemical Assist

– Soften the dirt or other contaminant with the laser cleaner, then use the noncorrosive chemical liquid to clean (commonly used for cleaning stone antiques)

Samples of Fiber Laser Cleaning


• Metal surface de-rusting

• Graffiti removal

• Remove paint and de-scaling paint removal

• Surface stains, engine oils and cooking grease of removal

• Surface plating and powder coating of removal

• Pre-treatment and post-treatment for welding (surface, joints and welding slag)

• Clean cast mold, injection mold, and tire mold

• Stone and antique repairment

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