Application Overview - Print Advertising(flag, banner) - MimoWork
Application Overview – Print Advertising(flag, banner)

Application Overview – Print Advertising(flag, banner)

Laser Cutting Printing Advertising

(flag, banner, signage)

Laser Cutting Solution for print advertising

More vivid and colorful patterns can be printed on the various advertising materials with the emerging of dye-sublimation, digital printing, UV-printing technology. Sublimation fabrics(banner, teardrop flag, exhibition display, signage), uv-printed acrylic & wood and PET film as outdoor advertising have adopted laser cutters to realize precise pattern contour cutting. With the assist of the Optical System, the laser cutter can recognize the printed pattern and accurately cut along the contour to present top-quality finishing. Combined with the automatic CNC system, laser cutting machine brings higher efficiency and lower cost.

Besides, customized working tables with various sizes can meet different formats of materials processing. Conveyor system provides convenience for roll materials by auto-feeding and cutting.


MimoWork Laser Cutter targets clients most concerned in production improvement, has been consistently optimizing and innovating in laser cutting print advertising, and is confident in solving tailor-made customer requirements. Wide adaptation from MimoWork Laser: laser cut flag, laser cut singage, laser cut logo sign, laser cut printed acrylic, laser cut display, laser cut banner, laser cut poster.

Video Display of laser cut flag

Sublimation teardrop flag laser cutting

The vision system takes the photo for the pattern.

▪ Offset setting (expand or narrow it)

Set the offset distance of the actual cutting pattern away from the printed contour.

▪ Laser cutting (along the arranged contour)

Automatic & accurate pattern laser cutting with high efficiency.

Laser Cut Printer Machine

• Laser Power: 100W / 130W / 150W

• Working Area: 1600mm * 1200mm (62.9” * 47.2”)

• Laser Power: 150W / 300W / 500W

• Working Area: 3200mm * 4000mm (125.9” *157.4”)

• Laser Power: 150W / 300W / 500W

• Working Area: 3200mm * 4000mm (125.9” *157.4”)

Benefits from laser cutting signage


fine incision


clean & crisp edge


auto-feeding & conveying

  Thermal treatment brings sealing edge without burr

  No materials distortion and damage from contactless processing

  Flexible cutting without limitation on sizes and shapes

  Perfect quality with clean edges and accurate contour cutting

  No need of fixing materials due to the vacuum working table

  Consistent processing and high repeatability

Highlights and upgrade options

Why choose MimoWork Laser Machine?

Accurate contour recognition and cutting with Optical Recognition System

 Various formats and types of Working Tables to meet specific demands

 Feeding Systems contribute to feeding conveniently as different productions

 Clean and safe working environment with digital control systems and Fume Extractor

 Dual and Multi Laser Heads are all available

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Samples for Laser Cutting


• Teardrop Flag

• Rally Pennants

• Banners

• Posters

• Billboards

• Exhibition Displays

• Fabric Frames

• Backdrops (wall cloth)

• Acrylic Board

• Wooden Billboard

• Signage

• Back Light

• Light Guide Plate

• Shopfitting

• Screen Partition

• Logo Sign

Common materials

Polyester, Polyamide, Non-woven, Oxford Cloth, Acrylic, Wood, PET Film, PP Film, PC Board, KT Board


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