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Laser Cutting Print Advertising

Laser cutting print advertising

Print advertising industry whose main purpose is promoting and the display is continuously exerting its charms with vivid visual effect and diverse display forms particularly back on digital printing, sublimation printing, and UV printing. Not only that, the incoming of laser processing technology has expanded more possibilities in varieties of print advertising materials while ensuring cutting quality and speed. Acrylic, textiles, paper, wood, plastic film are the common advertising materials that have fine processing compatibility of laser cutting and laser marking, and that’s particularly obviously and unparallel in laser cutting print products with the aid of Contour Recognition System meaning accurate contour cutting. Furthermore, the concern for the changeable working table in sizes and types for diverse materials and formats can be completely removed because multiple Working Table options are available from laser systems suitable for customized formats of materials.

MimoWork targets clients most concerned in production improvement, are consistently optimizing and innovating in laser processing print advertising, and confident in solving tailor-made customer requirements.


More benefits you will achieve from laser cutting print advertising

-Customized working tables are available for diverse material formats

-Consistent processing and high repeatability

-Perfect quality with clean edge and precise pattern contour

-Thermal treatment avoids clipping and edge fraying

-No materials distortion and damage from contactless processing

-Flexible cutting and marking without limitation on sizes and shapes

Added value with Mimo options

-Accurate contour recognition and cutting with Optical Recognition System

-Various formats and types of Working Tables to meet specific demands

-Feeding Systems contribute to feeding conveniently as different productions

-Clean and safe working environment with digital control systems and Fume Extractor

-No dust and smoke with Exhaust Fan

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Polyester, Polyamide, Non-woven, Oxford Cloth, Acrylic, Wood, PVC Film, PP Film, PC Board

Laser processing technology

-laser cutting 


-laser marking