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Contour Laser Cutter 130

Ultimate Customized Laser Solution of Cutting and Engraving


The Mimowork’s Contour Laser Cutter 130 is mainly for cutting and engraving. You can choose different working platforms for different materials. This model is specially designed for the signs & furniture industry. With the mixed laser cutting head & autofocus, Contour Laser Cutter 130 is able to cut thin metal besides regular non-metal materials. Moreover, ball screw transmission & servo motor as MimoWork options are available for high precision cutting.



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Advantages of Flatbed Laser Cutter

Laser Processing Made Easy


Specific for cutting digital printed solid materials like MDF, acrylic, wood, etc


High laser power option to 300W for cutting thick material


Precise CCD Camera Recognition System ensures tolerance within 0.05mm


Optional servo motor for extremely high speed cutting


Flexible cutting with the CCD camera for different design patterns

Technical Data

Working Area (W *L) 1300mm * 900mm (51.2” * 35.4 ”)
Software Offline Software
Laser Power 150W/300W/500W
Laser Source CO2 Glass Laser Tube or CO2 RF Metal Laser Tube
Mechanical Control System Step Motor Belt Control
Working Table Honey Comb Working Table or Knife Strip Working Table
Max Speed 1~400mm/s
Acceleration Speed 1000~4000mm/s2

Multifunction in One Machine

When cutting solid materials, the Knife Stripe Working Table provides better support. The gap between the stripes makes it not easy to accumulate waste and much easier to clean after processing.


Optional Lifting Working Table

The working table can be moved up and down on Z-axis when cutting products with different thickness, which makes the processing more extensive.


Pass-through Design

The front and back pass-through design of Contour Laser Cutter 140 unfreezes the limitation of processing longer materials that exceeds the working table. No need to cut down the materials to adaptive the working table length in advance.

Video Overview of Laser Cutting Printed Foil (Film)

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Fields of Application

Laser Cutting for Your Industry

Clean and smooth edge with thermal treatment


Bringing about more economical and environment-friendly manufacturing process


Customized working tables meet requirements for varieties of materials formats


Quick response to market from samples to large-lot production

Unique advantages of laser cutting signs & decorations


Clean and smooth edges with thermal melting when processing


No limitation on shape, size, and pattern realizes flexible customization


Customized tables meet requirements for varieties of materials formats

of Flatbed Laser Cutter 130


Acrylic, Abs, Glass, Fabric, Laminates, Leather, Paper, Plastic, Wood and other Non-metal Materials, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel


Signs, Arts, Crafts, Awards, Trophies, Gifts, etc.

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