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2000W Laser Welding Machine Handheld Fiber

Both Top-Quality and High-Capacity Welding Production


The 2000W handheld laser welding machine is characterized by small machine size but sparkling welding quality. A stable fiber laser source and connected fiber cable provide a safe and steady laser beam delivery. With the high power, the laser welding keyhole is perfectible and enables the welding joint firmer even for thick metal. Besides the continuous laser modes, the laser handheld welding machine also produces modulate lasers such as pulsed laser to meet various requirements for different materials and thicknesses. High efficient and accurate laser welding is widely used in high-capacity manufacturing in the medical and automotive industries.

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Technical Data

Laser power


Working mode

Continuous or modulate

Laser wavelength


Beam quality


Standard output laser power


Power supply



General Power


Cooling system

Industrial Water Chiller

Fiber length



Temperature range of working environment

15~35 ℃

Humidity range of working environment

< 70%No condensation

Welding thickness

Depending on your material

Weld seam requirements


Welding speed

0~120 mm/s

Applicable materials

Carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, etc





Superiority of Fiber Laser Welder Machine

◼ Premium Welding Quality

  The fiber laser source has a stable and excellent laser beam quality to accomplish a high-quality laser welding effect. A smooth and flat welding surface is accessible.

  High power density contributes to keyhole laser welding to reach a high depth to width ratio. Besides the heat conduction surface welding is also no problem.

✔  High precision and powerful heat can instantly melt or vaporize the metal in the right position, forming a perfect welding joint and no post-polishment.

◼ High-Efficiency Production

  The fiber laser welder machine stands out from traditional welding methods due to its fast welding speed of 2~10 times faster than argon arc welding.

  Less heat affection area means less and no post-treatment, saving operation steps and times.

  Easy and flexible operation enables high-capacity production.

◼ Long Service Life

  Stable and reliable fiber laser source has a long lifespan of an average of 100,000 working hours.

  Easy laser welder structure means less maintenance.

  Water chiller helps remove the heat to ensure the laser welder functions well.

◼ Wide Compatibility

  Multiple materials regardless of fine metal, alloy or dissimilar metal can all be greatly laser welded.

  Suitable for overlapping welding, internal and external fillet welding, irregular shape welding, etc.

  Continuous and modulate laser modes are adjustable to meet different demands for welding thickness.

(2000w handheld laser welding machine for metal)

Laser Welder Structure


Fiber Laser Source

Small size but stable performance. Premium laser beam quality and stable energy output make it possible for safe and constant high-quality laser welding. Precise fiber laser beam contributes to the fine welding in automotive and electronic component fields. And the fiber laser source has a long lifespan and needs less maintenance.

Fiber Cable Transmission

The laser handheld welding machine delivers the fiber laser beam by the fiber cable of 5-10 meters, allowing long-distance transmission and flexible movability. Coordinated with the handheld laser welding gun, you can freely adjust the location and angles of the workpiece to be welded. For some special demands, the fiber cable length can be customized for your convenient production.


Laser Welding Gun

The handheld laser welding gun meets laser welding at various positions and angles. You can process all kinds of welding shapes by hand-controlling laser welding tracks. Such as circle, semi-circle, triangle, oval, line, and dot laser welding shapes. Different laser welding nozzles are optional according to materials, welding methods, and welding angles.

Constant Temperature Water Chiller

The water chiller is an important component for the fiber laser welder machine which takes on the necessary function of temperature controlling for normal machine running. With a water cooling system, the extra heat from laser heat-dissipating components is removed to get back to the balanced condition. The water chiller extends the service life of the handheld laser welder and ensures safe production.


Control System

Laser welder control system provides stable electricity supply and precise data transmission, ensuring the constant high quality and high speed of laser welding.

Suitable high-power-density laser welding keyhole, the fiber 2000W laser welder helps you with deep penetration welding with firm welding quality !

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Various Methods of Handheld Laser Welding


Corner Joint Welding (angle welding or fillet welding)


Tailored Blank Welding


Stitch Welding

Four Working Modes for Laser Welder

(Depending on your welding method and material)

Continuous Mode
Dot Mode
Pulsed Mode
QCW Mode

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