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1500W Laser Welding Machine Handheld Fiber

Portable Laser Welding System with Flexible Operation


The 1500W laser welder is a portable laser welding equipment with compact machine size and simple laser structure. Convenient to move and easy to operate makes it an ideal choice for large sheet metal welding. And fast laser welding speed and accurate welding positioning enhance efficiency while ensuring premium quality, which is significant in automotive components and electronic parts welding and production. The hand held laser welder coming with an outstanding specification configuration, can conduct high-quality welding for thick metal and dissimilar metal. Thanks to the swing laser welding head, the laser welding spot can be freely adjusted to expand the tolerance range and welding width of processed parts to help better weld results. High efficiency and reliable quality is as same as Lightweld laser machine.



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Superiority of Handheld Fiber Laser Welder

High Efficiency:

Fast laser welding speed benefits from fast conversion and transmission of laser energy. Accurate laser welding position and flexible welding angles by handheld laser welding gun greatly enhance welding efficiency and production. Compared with the traditional arc welding method, the hand held laser welding machine can reach higher efficiency of  2 – 10 times than that.

Premium Quality:

No deformation and no welding scar thanks to high laser power density coming with little or no heat affection area on the workpiece to be welded. Continuous laser welding mode can create smooth, flat, and uniform welding joints without porosity. (pulsed laser mode is optional for thin materials and shallow welds)

Low Running Cost:

Fiber laser welding is an eco-friendly welding method that consumes less energy but produces powerful heat focused on a concentrated welded spot, saving 80% running cost on electricity compared with arc welding. Also, a perfect welding finish eliminates subsequent polishing, further reducing production costs.

Wide Compatibility:

Fiber laser welding machine has wide welding compatibility in different materials types, welding method, and welding shapes. Optional laser welding nozzles meet requirements for various welding methods like flat welding and corner welding. Continuous and modulate laser modes expand welding ranges in the metal of different thicknesses. Worth mentioning is that the swing laser welding head expands the tolerance range and welding width of processed parts to help better weld results.

(lightweld 1500 handheld laser welding system, portable handheld laser welding machine)

Technical Data

Laser power


Working mode

Continuous or modulate

Laser wavelength


Beam quality


Standard output laser power


Power supply


General Power


Cooling system

Industrial Water Chiller

Fiber length



Temperature range of working environment

15~35 ℃

Humidity range of working environment

< 70%No condensation

Welding thickness

Depending on your material

Weld seam requirements


Welding speed

0~120 mm/s



(laser welding of aluminum, laser welding of stainless steel)

Laser Welding Applications


• Brass

• Aluminum

• Galvanized steel

• Steel

• Stainless steel

• Carbon steel

• Copper

• Gold

• Silver

• Chromium

• Nickel

• Titanium

For high heat conductivity materials, the handheld fiber laser welder can make full use of the focused heat and precise output to realize the welding process in a short time. Laser welding has outstanding performance in metal welding including fine metal, alloy, and dissimilar metal. Versatile fiber laser welder can replace the traditional welding methods to complete precise and high-quality laser welding results, like seam welding, spot welding, micro-welding, medical device component welding, battery welding, aerospace welding, and computer component welding. Besides, for some materials with heat-sensitive and high melting points, fiber laser welding machine has the ability to leave a smooth, flat and solid welding effect. The following metals compatible with laser welding are for your reference:

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How to use laser welding machine

— Working Environment

◾ Temperature range of working environment: 15~35 ℃

◾ Humidity range of working environment: < 70%No condensation

◾ Heat removing: water chiller is necessary due to the function of heat removing for laser heat-dissipating components, ensuring the laser welder runs well.

(detailed use and guide about water chiller, you can check the: Freeze-proofing Measures for CO2 Laser System)

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Single-side Weld Thickness for Different Power

  500W 1000W 1500W 2000W
Aluminum 1.2mm 1.5mm 2.5mm
Stainless Steel 0.5mm 1.5mm 2.0mm 3.0mm
Carbon Steel 0.5mm 1.5mm 2.0mm 3.0mm
Galvanized Sheet 0.8mm 1.2mm 1.5mm 2.5mm

How to select the fiber laser welder that suits you, learn more about the laser welding machine price and parameters

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Advantages of laser welding

◉  Fast welding speed, 2 -10 times faster than traditional arc welding

  The fiber laser source can last on average 100,000 working hours

  Simple to operate and easy to learn, even the novice can weld beautiful metal products

  Smooth and high-quality welding seam, no need for the subsequent polishing process, saving time and labor cost

◉  No deformation, no welding scar, each welded workpiece is firm to use

  Safer and more environmentally friendly, worth mentioning is that the proprietary safety operation protection function ensures the safety of the operator during the welding work

  Adjustable welding spot size thanks to our independent research and development of swing welding head, expands the tolerance range and welding width of processed parts to help better weld results

  The integrated cabinet combines the fiber laser source, water chiller, and control system, benefiting you from a small footprint welding machine that is convenient to move around

  The hand-held welding head is equipped with 5-10 meter optical fiber to improve the functionality of the whole welding process

  Suitable for overlapping welding, internal and external fillet welding, irregular shape welding, etc

Comparison Between Arc Welding and Laser Welding

  Arc Welding Laser Welding
Heat Output High Low
Deformation of Material Deform easily Barely deform or no deformation
Welding Spot Large Spot Fine welding spot and adjustable
Welding Result Extra polish work needed Clean welding edge with no further processing needed
Protective Gas Needed Argon Argon
Process Time Time-consuming Shorten welding time
Operator Safety Intense ultraviolet light with radiation Ir-radiance light with no harm

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