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Benchtop Laser Welder for Jewelry

Mini Laser Welder for Jewelry Repair, Jewelry Customization


The benchtop laser welder stands out with a compact machine size and easy operability in jewelry repairing and ornament manufacturing. For exquisite patterns and stuble details on the jewelry, you can handle these with the small lase welder after little practice. One can simple hold the workpiece to be welded in their fingers while welding. Direct human touch improves the controllability of the workpiece, reducing the defective rate of noble metal ornaments. Jewelry laser welding is a cost-effective and clean welding method. Only the heat from laser beam is required, the noble metal ornaments can be welded firmly in a short time. During laser welding, less heat affection and no discoloration in the adjacent areas ensure a premium jewelry welding quality.

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Technical Data

Wavelength 1064nm
Laser Welder Dimension 1000mm * 600mm * 820mm (39.3'' * 23.6'' * 32.2'')
Laser Power 60W/ 100W/ 150W/ 200W
Monopulse Energy 40J
Pulse Width 1ms-20ms Adjustable
Repetition Frequency 1-15HZ Continuous Adjustable
Welding Depth 0.05-1mm (depending on material)
Cooling Method Air Cooling/ Water Cooling
Input Power 220v Single Phase 50/60hz
Working Temperature 10-40℃

Superiority of Jewelry Laser Welder Machine

  Improve efficiency of jewelry welding

  Firm welding quality and no metal discoloration

  Little space is required with a compact size

  No need to apply protective fire coating to the repair item

  Using your finger to operate directly without harmful

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Laser Welder Structure


Optical Microscope

Optical microscope with the CCD camera can transmit the welding vision to eyes and magnifies 10 times of details for dedicated welding operations, helping to aim at the welding spot and start jewelry laser welding on the right area without harm on hand.

Electronic filter protection for the safety of the operator’s eyes

Air Blowing Pipe

Adjustable auxiliary gas pipe prevents oxidation and blackening of the workpieces during welding. According to welding speed and power, you need to adjust the gas flow to reach best welding quality.


Digital Control System

Touch screen makes the whole parameter setting process simple and visual. That's convenient to timely adjust according to jewelry welding condition.

Air Cooling

Cooling the laser source to keep the welding machine working steadily. There is two cooling methods to choose based on the laser power and welding metal: air cooling and water cooling.


How to use the Jewelry Laser Welding Machine

Step 1:  Plug the device into the wall socket and turn it on

Step 2: Adjust the parameter that gives best results for your target material

Step 3:  Adjust the argon gas valve and make sure you can feel the air flow over the air-blowing tap with your finger

Step 4:  Clamp the two workpieces to be welded with your fingers or any other tools as you desired

Step 5:  Look through the microscope to get the detailed view of your small welding piece

Step 6:  Step on the foot pedal (footstep switch)and release, repeat several times until the welding is finished

(Parameter Setting Tricks)

• Input Current is to control the power of the welding

• Frequency is to control the speed of welding

• Pulse is to control the depths of the welding

• Spot is to control the size of the welding spot

Samples of Jewelry Laser Welding


The Jewelry Laser Welder can weld and repair various nobal metal trinkets including jewelry accessories, metal eyeglasses fram and other precise metal parts. Fine laser beam and adjustable power density can meet resizing, repairment, customization on metal accessories of different materials types, thicknesses and properities. Also, welding different metals together to add taste or personality is available.

• gold

• silver

• titanium

• palladium

• platinum

• gemstones

• opals

• emeralds

• pearls

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