News - Make the Christmas Ornament by Laser Cutter

Make the Christmas Ornament by Laser Cutter

Make the Christmas Ornament by Laser Cutter

Best laser making Christmas craft ideas


• Best Wishes

• Wood Board

• Laser Cutter

• Design File for the Pattern

Making Steps

First of all,

Select your wood board. Laser is suitable for cutting diverse wood types from MDF, Plywood to hardwood, Pine.


Modify the cutting file. According to the stitching gap of our file, it is suitable for 3mm thick wood. You can easily find from the video that the Christmas Ornaments are actually connected to each other by slots. and the width of the slot is the thickness of your material. So if your material is of a different thickness, you need to modify the file.


Start the laser cutting

You can choose the flatbed laser cutter 130 from MimoWork Laser. The laser machine is designed for wood and acrylic cutting and engraving.

▶ Advantages of wood laser cutting

✔  No chipping – thus, no need to clean the processing area

✔  High precision and repeatability

✔  Non-contact laser cutting reduces breakage and waste

✔  No tool wear



Finish cutting, get the finished product

Merry Christmas! Best wishes to you!

Any questions about wood laser cutting and laser file

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