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Subsurface Laser Engraving Machine

3D Laser Engraving Machine for Large-format Glass


The large-format 3d glass laser engraving machine is designed for outdoor and indoor space decoration purposes. This 3D laser engraving technology is widely used in large-format glass decoration, building partition decoration, household articles, and art photo ornaments. With the stable rack and pinion transmission structure, the glass 3d laser etcher can perform the ultimate dedicated engraving job with low running noise. Compared with the traditional glass carving method, the green laser known as the cold light source won’t damage the crystal-clear surface when glass subsurface laser engraving.

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(superior specifications for large format of 3d glass laser engraving machine)

Technical Data

Max Engraving Range


Beam Delivery

3D Galvanometer

Laser Power


Laser Source

Semiconductor Diode

Lifespan of the Laser Source


Laser Wavelength


Transmission Structure

High-Speed Galvanometer with Gantry Moving in X Y Z direction, 5-axis Linkage

Machine Structure

Integrated Metal Plate Body Structure

Machine Size

1950 * 2000 * 2750mm

Cooling Method

Air Cooling

Engraving speed


Dynamic Axis Response Time


Power Supply


Best 3D Laser Engraving Machine for glass

Versatile & reliable laser structure

The prominent laser structure which leads the green laser to pass through the glass surface and create the 3d effect in the depth direction is the design of three dimensions(x,y,z) and five-axis linkage. Thanks to the stable rack & pinion transmission device, no matter what large format of glass panel within working table size can be laser engraved. Accurate positioning and flexible moving of laser beam is a great help in production efficiency and compatibility.

Delicate 3d laser engraving effect

An extremely fine laser beam is shot through the glass surface and impacts the internals to hit countless tiny dots as the moving of laser beam at each angle. The subtle and exquisite pattern with a 3D rendering will come into being. And the high resolution of the laser system further enhances the delicate degree of 3d model founding.

Safe and zero damage

As a cold light source, the green laser excited by the diode doesn't result in heat affection to the glass. And the process of 3d glass laser engraving occurs inside the glass without any damage to the external surface. Not only for the glass to be engraved, but the operation is also safer due to the automatic process.

Fast speed and quick response to the market

High production efficiency with the engraving speed of up to 4500 dots per second makes the 3d laser engraver a partner in the decoration floor, door, partition, and art picture fields. Regardless of customization or mass production, flexible and fast laser engraving gain a favorable opportunity for you in market competition.

▷ How are 3d crystal pictures made?

The Process of subsurface laser engraving

Green laser's property

The green laser of 532nm wavelength lies in the visible spectrum which presents the green light in the glass laser engraving. The outstanding feature of the green laser is the great adaptation for heat-sensitive and high-reflective materials which have some troubles in other laser processing, such as glass and crystal. A stable and high-quality laser beam provides reliable performance in 3d laser engraving.

How the 3d laser engraver works

Receive the graphic file (2d and 3d patterns are feasible)

The software deals with the graphic to render it into dots which laser impacts in the glass

Place the glass panel on the working table

The laser 3d engraving machine starts to exert the glass, and draw a 3D model by the green laser

Support graphic files

2D file: dxf, dxg, cad, bmp, jpg

3D file: 3ds, dxf, wrl, stl, 3dv, obj

(laser etching inside glass)

Glass Samples by 3d laser engraving


Common applications:

• glass partition

• glass floor

• glass door

• art photo decor

• household ornament

• crystal gift

Related Glass Laser Engraver

(suitable for 3d subsurface laser engraving for crystal & glass)

• Engraving Range: 150*200*80mm

(optional: 300*400*150mm)

• Laser Wavelength: 532nm Green Laser

(suitable for surface glass laser engraving)

• Marking Field Size: 100mm*100mm

(optional: 180mm*180mm)

• Laser Wavelength: 355nm UV Laser

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