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The maximum working view of this Galvo laser system can reach 400mm * 400 mm. The GALVO head can be adjusted vertically for you to achieve different laser beam sizes according to the size of your material. Even in a maximum working area, you can still get a finest laser beam to 0.15 mm for the best laser engraving and marking performance. As MimoWork laser options, the Red-Light Indication System and CCD Positioning System work together to correct the center of the working path to the real position of the piece during galvo laser working. Moreover, the version of the Full Enclosed design can be requested to meet the class 1 safety protection standard of galvo laser engraver.

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Advantages from Galvo Laser Engraver

Best Entry-level GALVO Laser Machine

Ultra-speed & high efficiency

Small deflection, but large action area. Flying laser marking from 3D dynamic focus declination quickly shoot the laser beam to the material, eliminating flatbed gantry moving time. Fast production timely responses the market requirements whether for customization or mass batch.

Rich effect from versatile galvo laser

Besides laser engraving and marking, galvo laser can achieve cutting materials, cooperating with galvo laser engraving, to build coherent production assembly line. A multi-layered crafts from kiss-cutting is easy to realize on the paper, heat transfer film and foil.

Fine details with high quality

Benefiting from deft laser path and applicable laser power, fine laser beam draw the artworks on the surface with high precision. Different diameters and heights of lens impact the ultimate effect.

Safe & advanced laser structure

Enclosed laser structure provides a safe functioning space for work pieces and operator. Also, upgrade laser options are available to expand more production varieties.

(Superior Specifications for your fabric laser engraving machine, leather laser engraving machine, paper laser cutter)

Technical Data

Working Area (W * L) 400mm * 400mm (15.7” * 15.7”)
Beam Delivery 3D Galvanometer
Laser Power 180W/250W/500W
Laser Source CO2 RF Metal Laser Tube
Mechanical System Servo Driven, Belt Driven
Working Table Honey Comb Working Table
Max Cutting Speed 1~1000mm/s
Max Marking Speed 1~10,000mm/s

Highlight of GALVO Laser Engraver & Marker 40


GALVO Laser Head

GALVO laser uses high-speed, motor-driven mirrors to steer the laser beam through the lens. Aiming at the material in the laser marking and laser engraving field, the beam impacts the material at a greater or lesser inclination angle. The marking field size is defined by the deflection angle and the focal length of the optics. As there is no mechanical movement during galvo laser functioning (with the exception of the mirrors), the laser beam can be guided over the workpiece at an extremely high speed. High efficiency and at the same time, high precision, make GALVO Laser Engraver & Marker 40 an ideal marking machine when it comes to short cycle times or high-quality markings.

For other GALVO views, diverse GALVO lenses are available. The biggest GALVO laser lens for this model is up to 800mm.

Have No Idea of Galvo Laser?

We made a video to help you with what is a galvo laser, and how the galvo laser works, check this out ▶

▶ Faster Speed

Improve your production efficiency


Rotary Device


Rotary Plate


X-Y Moving Table

What can you do with Galvo Laser Engraver?

• Galvo laser cutting invitation card

CO2 galvo laser cutting for invitation cards offers a level of precision and intricacy that transforms ordinary cards into exquisite works of art. The high-powered laser, controlled by a galvanometer system, precisely follows intricate designs, ensuring sharp, clean cuts on a variety of materials. This technology allows for the creation of detailed patterns, intricate lace-like designs, and personalized shapes, adding a touch of sophistication and uniqueness to each invitation card. Whether it's intricate filigree, personalized names, or delicate motifs, CO2 galvo laser cutting provides a fine, detailed finish, elevating the aesthetics of invitation cards to make a lasting impression on recipients.

• Laser kiss cutting heat transfer vinyl (HTV)

To get a great kiss cutting vinyl effect, the CO2 galvo laser engraving machine is the best match! Unbelievably the whole laser cutting htv took only 45 seconds with the galvo laser marking machine. We updated the machine and took a leap in cutting and engraving performance. It’s the real boss in vinyl sticker laser cutting machine.

High speed, perfect cutting precision, and versatile materials compatibility, helping you with laser cutting heat transfer film, custom laser cut decals, laser cut sticker material, laser cutting reflective film,

• Laser marking on wood (engraved photo)

Laser engraving wood is the BEST and EASIEST way I have seen for photo etching. And the wood photo carving effect is stunning. Come to the video, and dive into why you should choose co2 laser engraving photo on wood. We'll show you how a laser engraver can achieve fast speed, easy operation, and exquisite details. Perfect for personalized gifts or home decorations, laser engraving is the ultimate solution for wood photo art, wood portrait carving, laser picture engraving. When it comes to wood engraving machine for beginners and start-ups, no doubt the laser is user-friendly and convenient. Suitable for customization and mass production.

• Can Galvo Laser Cut Materials?

Is it possible for a galvo laser engraving machine to cut wood? Check out the video to uncover your puzzles. Whether galvo co2 laser marking machine, fiber galvo laser marking machine, or UV galvo laser, you can not use the galvo scanner laser engraver to cut thick materials like wood or acrylic, due to the slope produced while cutting thick materials. Fast engraving and marking are the unique advantages of the galvo laser machine. What is galvo laser used for? We took the CO2 galvo laser engraver as an example to show you what you can do with the galvo laser in the video. Besides galvo laser marking and engraving, the galvo laser can cut thin materials like paper and film. You can check out the perfect and fast kiss cutting for the heat transfer vinyl and fast perforating in the fabrics.

What is Your Requirement? What about Your Ideas for Galvo Laser Engraver?

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Fields of Application

Glavo CO2 Laser for Your Industry

(A laser tech that is widely used in laser cutting film, laser cutting foil, laser engraving leather patches)

Fine incision and clean surface without materials damage due to contact-less processing

✔ Minimal defective rate with digital control system

✔ Consistent processing and high repeating ensure high efficiency and quality

Common materials and applications

of GALVO Laser Engraver & Marker 40

Materials: Film, Foil, Paper, Fleece, Denim, Leather, Acrylic(PMMA), Plastic, Wood,and other Non-metal Materials

Applications: Footwear, Invitation Card, Perforated Cloth, Car Seat Perforation, Garments Accessories, Bags, Labels, Packing, Puzzles, Sportswear, Jeans, Carpets, Curtains, Technical Textiles, Air Dispersion Ducts


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