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Galvo Laser Engraver & Marker 40

Ideal Choice of Marking or Kiss-cutting Non-metal Workpieces


The maximum GALVO view of this laser system can reach 400mm * 400 mm. The GALVO head can be adjusted vertically for you to achieve different laser beam sizes according to the size of your material. Even in a maximum working area, you can get a finest laser beam to 0.15 mm for the best cutting performance. As MimoWork laser options, the Red-Light Indication System and CCD Positioning System work together to correct the center of the working path to the real position of the piece during cutting. Moreover, the version of the Full Enclosed design can be requested to meet the class 1 laser product safety protection standard.

Product Detail

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Best Entry-level GALVO Laser Machine


MimoWork GALVO laser head is suitable for marking or kiss-cutting non-metal workpieces like heat transfer film


3D Dynamic Focus breaks the material limits


Flying laser marking to build assembly line (optional)


Advanced mechanical structure allows laser options and customized working table

Technical Data

Working Area (W * L) 400mm * 400mm (15.7” * 15.7”)
Beam Delivery 3D Galvanometer
Laser Power 180W/250W/500W
Laser Source CO2 RF Metal Laser Tube
Mechanical System Servo Driven, Belt Driven
Working Table Honey Comb Working Table
Max Cutting Speed 1~1000mm/s
Max Marking Speed 1~10,000mm/s

Highlight of GALVO Laser Engraver & Marker 40



GALVO laser uses high-speed, motor-driven mirrors to steer the laser beam through the lens. Aiming at the material in the laser marking field, the beam impacts the material at a greater or lesser inclination angle. The marking field size is defined by the deflection angle and the focal length of the optics. As there is no mechanical movement during cutting (with the exception of the mirrors), the laser beam can be guided over the workpiece at an extremely high speed. High efficiency and at the same time, high precision, make GALVO Laser Engraver & Marker 40 an ideal marking machine when it comes to short cycle times or high-quality markings.

For other GALVO views, diverse GALVO lenses are available. The biggest GALVO lens for this model is up to 800mm.

Fields of Application

Laser Cutting for Your Industry

A laser tech that is widely used in many industries


Fine incision and surface without materials damage from contactless processing


Minimal defective rate with digital control system


Consistent processing and high repeating ensure high efficiency and quality

of GALVO Laser Engraver & Marker 40


Textiles, Leather, Wood, PMMA, Plastic and other Non-metal Materials


Shoes, Bags, Garments Accessories, Gift Card, Labels, Packing, Puzzles, Fashion (Sportswear, Denim, Footwear, Bags), Interior (Carpets, Curtains, Sofas, Armchairs, Textile Wallpaper), Technical Textiles (Automotive, Airbags, Filters, Air Dispersion Ducts)

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