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3D Crystal Laser Engraving Machine

3D Laser Internal Engraving Machine for Crystal (cube, award, gift)

The crystal laser engraver takes the diode laser source to produce the green laser 532nm which can pass through the crystal and glass with high optical clarity and create a perfect 3d model inside by laser impact. Different from huge laser machines in the traditional perception, the mini 3d laser engraving machine has a compact structure and small size which is like a desktop laser engraver. Small figure but powerful energy. Adopting semiconductor end-pumped solid-state laser source and galvanometer scanning mode with ultra-speed, the green laser engraver can achieve customized design and mass production in a short time, and advanced laser components and strong laser structure make steady working and less maintenance possible.

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Technical Data

Features of 3d laser engraving machine for crystal

Best Entry-level GALVO Laser Engraver for 3d crystal

Compact Laser Body

With a small integrated appearance, the mini 3d laser engraving machine can be placed anywhere taking up little space. That is convenient during transport and moving. Not only that, the easy handle-ability is like the portable model design with the lightweight, newcomers can quickly pick up it and operate independently.

Safe Device adaptable to production

The enclosed design is safer for beginners. And in response to the movable requirements of the machine, the core components are specially equipped with a shock-proof system, which can effectively protect the core components of the 3d laser engraver from damage from accidental shocks during equipment transportation and use.

Fast Crystal Engraving

Using galvanometer laser high-speed scanning working mode, the speed can reach up to 3600 points/second, greatly enhancing the engraving efficiency. The automatic control system avoids error and rejection rates while prompting to smooth the production flow.

Great Compatibility in design

The 3d laser crystal laser engraver is designed to engrave patterns inside of the crystal cube. Any graphic including 2d images and 3d models are compatible with the internal laser engraver. Support file formats are 3ds, dxf, obj, cad, asc, wrl, 3dv, jpg, bmp, dxg, etc.

Highlight for 3d crystal glass engraving


Green Laser Beam

The green laser of 532nm wavelength lies in the visible spectrum which presents the green light in the glass laser engraving. The outstanding feature of the green laser is the great adaptation for heat-sensitive and high-reflective materials which have some troubles in other laser processing, such as glass and crystal. A stable and high-quality laser beam provides reliable performance in 3d laser engraving.


Galvo Laser Scanning

The flying laser engraving with high speed and flexibility at multiple angles is realized with the galvo laser scanning mode. The motor-driven mirrors steer the green laser beam through the lens. Aiming at the material in the laser marking and laser engraving field, the beam impacts the material at a greater or lesser inclination angle. The marking field size is defined by the deflection angle and the focal length of the optics. As there is no mechanical movement during galvo laser functioning (except for the mirrors), the green laser beam will pass through the block surface and quickly move within the crystal.

Samples - laser engraved 3d crystal & glass


•  3D Photo Laser Cube

•  3D Crystal Portrait

•  Crystal Award (Keepsake)

•  3D Glass Panel Decor

•  3D Crystal Necklace

•  Crystal Bottle Stopper

•  Crystal Key Chain

•  Toy, Gift, Desktop Decor


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