Material Overview – Felt

Material Overview – Felt

Revolutionizing Felt Fabric Cutting with Laser Technology

How to cut felt?


Felt is a non-woven fabric that typically consists of natural fibers and synthetic fibers by the process of heat, moisture, and mechanical action. Compared with regular woven fabrics, felt is much thicker and more compact. For this reason, felt is widely used to make slippers and as a novelty fabric for garments and furniture. Industrial applications include insulation, packaging, and polishing materials for mechanical parts. A flexible and specialized felt laser cutter is the best way to cut felt. Different from the traditional felt cutter, laser cutting machine owns unique and premium features. Thermal cutting can melt the fragmentary fibers and seal the edge of the felt. Precisely because of that, the untight internal structure of the felt will not be damaged and the processing does not accompany by dust and ash.

Laser processing for felt

1. Laser cutting Felt

Fast and neat laser cutting on felt avoids adhesion between material, bringing high quality finished felt with sealing edge while heat cutting. Automated feeding and cutting reduce labor cost in a degree.

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2. Laser marking felt

High contrasting in color with laser etching single-layer of the felt can achieve permanent and unfading varieties patterns, customized brand logo images.

3. Laser engraving felt

Thin and fine laser beam can instantly engrave multilayer felt material by setting suitable laser power. Flexible processing method has no limitation for different shapes and patterns.

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Laser Cut Felt with Brand New Ideas

Embark on a journey of creativity with our Felt Laser Cutting Machine! Feeling stuck with ideas? Fret not! Our latest video is here to spark your imagination and showcase the endless possibilities of laser-cut felt. But that's not all – the real magic unfolds as we demonstrate the precision and versatility of our felt laser cutter. From crafting custom felt coasters to elevating interior designs, this video is a treasure trove of inspiration for both enthusiasts and professionals.

The sky is no longer the limit when you have a felt laser machine at your disposal. Dive into the realm of limitless creativity, and don't forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments. Let's unravel the endless possibilities together!

Laser Cut Felt Santa for a Birthday Gift

Spread the joy of DIY gifting with our heartwarming tutorial! In this delightful video, we take you through the enchanting process of creating a charming felt Santa using felt, wood, and our trusty cutting companion, the laser cutter. The simplicity and speed of the laser-cutting process shine through as we effortlessly cut felt and wood to bring our festive creation to life.

Watch as we draw patterns, prepare materials, and let the laser work its magic. The real fun begins in the assembly phase, where we bring together cut felt pieces of various shapes and colors, creating a whimsical Santa pattern on the laser-cut wood panel. It's not just a project; it's a heartwarming experience of crafting joy and love for your cherished family and friends.

Benefits from laser cutting felt panels

• No need for material fixation with vacuum working table

• Contactless and free forceful processing guarantees felt intact stability

• No tool wear and replacing cost

• Clean processing environment

• Free pattern cutting, engraving, marking

• Suitable processing method according to fabric structure

Foam Laser Cutter Recommendation

What laser cutter settings for felt?

You need to identify the type of felt you are using (e.g. wool felt, acrylic) and measure its thickness. Power and speed are the two most important settings you need to adjust in the software.

Power Settings:

• Start with a low power setting like 15% to avoid cutting through the felt in the initial test. The exact power level will depend on the felt's thickness and type.

• Perform test cuts with incremental increases 10% in power until you achieve the desired cutting depth. Aim for clean cuts with minimal charring or scorching on the felt's edges. Do not set the laser power over 85% to extend the serving life of your CO2 laser tube.

Speed Settings:

• Begin with a moderate cutting speed, such as 100mm/s. The ideal speed depends on your laser cutter's wattage and the thickness of the felt.

• Adjust the speed incrementally during test cuts to find the balance between cutting speed and quality. Faster speeds may result in cleaner cuts, while slower speeds may produce more precise details.

Once you have determined the optimal settings for cutting your specific felt material, record these settings for future reference. This makes it easier to replicate the same results for similar projects.

Any Questions about how to laser cut felt?

Application of laser cutting felt

When laser-cut, CO2 laser machine can produce wonderfully precise results on felt placemats and coasters. For house decoration, a thick rug pad can be easily cut.

Felt hat, Felt bag, Self-adhesive felt, Felt craft, Felt pad,  Felt mattress, Felt ornament, Felt letter board, Felt Christmas tree, Felt carpet (mat)

felt applications of laser cutting

Material Features of Laser Cutting Foam

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Mainly made of wool and fur, blended with natural and synthetic fiber, versatile felt has varieties of good performance of abrasion resistance, shock resistance, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, oil protection. Consequently, felt are widely used in industry and civilian fields. For automotive, aviation, sailing, felt acts as a filter medium, oil lubrication, and buffer. In daily life, our common felt products such as felt mattresses and felt carpets provide us with a warm and comfortable living environment with the advantages of heat preservation, elasticity, and toughness.

Laser cutting is suitable to cut felt with heat treatment realizing sealed and clean edges. Especially for synthetic felt, like polyester felt, acrylic felt, laser cutting is very ideal processing method without damaging felt performance. It should be noted to control laser power for avoiding edges charred and burned during laser cutting natural wool felt. For any shape, any pattern, flexible laser systems can create high- quality felt products. In addition, sublimation and printing felt can be cut accurately and perfectly by laser cutter equipped with the camera.

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How to cut thick felt?
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