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Flatbed Laser Cutter 160L

  • Flatbed Laser Cutter 160L
  • Flatbed Laser Cutter 160L
  • Flatbed Laser Cutter 160L
product description

The Mimowork's Flatbed Laser Cutter 160L is designed for textile rolls and soft materials automatically continuously cutting. The 62’’ width cutting table can be applied to most of the typical fabric rolls. With the option of the auto feeder system, roll materials are fed to the cutting table directly and cut continuously. The machine is with vacuum suction underneath the working table, which ensures the materials to be flat on the table. Different vision system can be equipped with this machine for different types of application such as dye sublimation textile cutting. And the marking pen option is available to make marks for sewing or other purpose.


Process: Cutting

Process Materials: Textiles, Leather and other Non-metal Materials 

Application: Garment

Technical Textiles (Automotive, Airbags, Filters, Insulation Materials, Air Dispersion Ducts)

Home Textile (Carpets, Mattress, Curtains, Sofas, Armchairs, Textile Wallpaper)

Outdoor (Parachutes, Tents, Sports Equipment)



Working Area (W *L)1600mm * 3000mm (62.9’’ *118’’)
Max Material Width62.9’’
SoftwareOffline Software
Laser Power150W/300W/500W
Laser SourceCO2 Glass Laser Tube or CO2 RF Metal Laser Tube
Mechanical Control SystemRack & Pinion Transmission and Servo Motor Driven
Working TableConveyor Working Table
Max Speed1~600mm/s
Acceleration Speed1000~6000mm/s2

Highlights of FLATBED LASER CUTTER 160L:


It is a feeding unit which runs synchronous with the machine, the feeder will transfer the roll materials to the cutting table after you put the rolls on the feeder. You can set the different feeding speeds according to the main machine speed. The feeder has the sensor to ensure accurate positioning of the material. The feeder can be equipped with different shaft diameters for different rolls. The different pneumatic roller will be used for the textiles with different tension, thickness... This unit helps you to realize a completely automated cutting process.


Suction is the force that a partial vacuum exerts upon a solid, liquid, or gas, the; When the pressure in one part of a system is reduced relative to another, the air in the higher pressure region will exert a force relative to the region of lowered pressure.

The vacuum table is under the cutting table, there is a series of holes in the surface of the table pull the material down onto the surface.  The vacuum table allows full access to the surface, there is nothing to get in the way of the laser beam while it is cutting. With the strong exhaust fans together, it also helps to prevent the smoke and dust when cutting.


For most of the laser cutting pieces, especially for textiles, it has to be sewn after cutting. You can use the mark pen to make the marks on the cutting piece to help the workers for easy sewing. You can also use the mark pen to make some special marks on the cutting piece such as the serial number of the product, the size of the product, the manufacture date of the product and etc....You can choose different color mark pens according to the color of your materials.