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Application Overview – Sublimation Accessories

Application Overview – Sublimation Accessories

Laser Cutting Sublimation Accessories

Vision Laser Cutter for Sublimation Accessories


Sublimation fabric laser cutting is gradually going into the home textiles and daily accessories. Nowadays, people's pursuits of life taste are getting higher and higher. In addition to apparels, people hope everything around them can be customized as own styles. As you konw, dye sublimation technology has been used in varieties of accessories processing. Not only the sublimation sportswear, sublimation home textiles like pillow case, blanket, sofa cover, tablecloth, wallcloth and daily printed accessories can all be laser cut with consistent high quality. Due to the accurate recognizing for printed pattern, sublimation laser cutting machine becomes the ideal choice for subliamtion accessories manufacturers. Creating unique styles and fast response of market, sublimation laser cutter opens more possibilities in customization and sublimation printing fields.

MimoWork vision laser cutter can recognize the contour of patterns and then give accurate cutting instruction for laser head to realize precise cutting for sublimation accessories.

Demonstration of Laser Cutting Sublimation

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How to laser cut sublimation fabric (pillow case)?

With the CCD Camera, you will get the accurate pattern laser cutting.

1. Import the graphic cutting file with the feature points

2. Retort to the feature points, CCD Camera recognize and position the pattern

3. Receiving the instruction, laser cutter starts cutting along the contour

Besides CCD Camera recognition system, MimoWork provides vision laser cutter equipped with the HD Camera to help automatic cutting for large format fabric. No need of cutting file, the graphic from taking the photo can be directly imported into the laser system. Pick the automatic fabric cutting machine that suits you.

Key Importance of Laser Cutting Sublimation Accessories

✔  Clean and smooth cutting Edge

✔  Flexible processing for any shapes and sizes

✔  Minimum tolerance and high precision

✔  Automatic contour recognition and laser cutting

High repetation and consistent premium quality

No any materials diatortion and damage thanks to the contaceless processing

Vision Laser Cutter Recommendation

• Laser Power: 100W / 150W / 300W

• Working Area: 1600mm * 1,000mm (62.9’’ * 39.3’’)

• Laser Power: 100W/ 130W/ 150W

• Working Area: 1600mm * 1200mm (62.9” * 47.2”)

• Laser Power: 100W/ 130W/ 150W/ 300W

• Working Area: 1800mm * 1300mm (70.87’’ * 51.18’’)

Typical Sublimation Accessory Applications

• Blankets

• Arm Sleeves

• Leg Sleeves

• Bandana

• Headband

• Scarves

• Mat

• Pillow

• Mouse Pad

• Face Cover

• Mask


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