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Application Overview – Sublimation Fabrics (Sportswear)

Application Overview – Sublimation Fabrics (Sportswear)

Laser Cutting Sublimation Fabrics (Sportswear)

Why You Should Laser Process Sublimation Fabrics


Tailor-made style on apparel has become a consensus and attention of the public, and the same is true for apparel manufacturers. For activewear, leggings, cycling wear, jerseys, swimwear, yoga clothes, and fashion dress, higher pursuit on functions and quality puts forward the stricter requirement for the processing method of sublimation printing technology. On-demand production, flexible design pattern and style, and shorter lead time that can be realized by laser processing technology, undoubtedly determining the current production profits. However, the advantages of laser are far more than these.

On the support of contour recognition and CNC system, high quality and high efficiency can exist simultaneously in laser processing. Printed patterns can be accurately cut by laser cutter, especially for obtuse angles and curve cutting. Top precision and automation are the premises of high quality. More importantly, traditional knifing cutting loses the speed and output advantage because of monolayer cutting determined by sublimation printing textiles, while laser cutter just occupies important superiority on cutting speed and flexibility due to unlimited patterns and roll to roll material feeding, processing, receiving. That greatly saves space and suitable for mass & small productivity. Thus, laser cutting is really friendly and suitable for sublimation apparel cutting and perforating.

Benefits from Laser Cutting Sublimation Apparel

✔  Smooth and tidy edge

✔  Clean and no-dust processing environment

✔  Flexible processing for multi varieties and shapes

✔  No stain and distortion for material

✔  Digital controlling ensures accurate processing

✔  Fine incision saves materials cost

Related applications and materials

Applications - Active Wear, Leggings, Cycling Wear, Hockey Jerseys, Baseball Jerseys, Basketball Jerseys, Soccer Jerseys, Volleyball Jerseys, Lacrosse Jerseys, Ringette Jerseys, Swimwear, Yoga Clothes

Materials - Polyester, Polyamide, Non-woven, Knitted fabrics, Polyester Spandex


Demonstration of MimoWork Sublimation Apparel Laser Cutter

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MimoWork Laser Cutter Recommendation

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Added value with Mimo options

- Accurate pattern cutting with Contour Recognition System

- Continuous auto-feeding and processing through Conveyor Table

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