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CO2 Laser Cutting Machine for Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic Sheet Laser Cutter, your best industrial CNC laser cutting machine


Ideal for laser cutting the large size and thick acrylic sheet to meet diverse advertising and industrial applications. The 1300mm * 2500mm laser cutting table is designed with four-way access. Featured high speed, our acrylic sheet laser cutter machine can reach the cutting speed of 36,000mm per minute. And the ball screw and servo motor transmission system ensure the stability and precision for the high-speed moving of the gantry, which contributes to laser cutting large format materials while ensuring efficiency and quality. laser cutting acrylic sheet is widely used in the lighting & commercial industry, construction field, chemical industry and other fields, daily we are most common in advertising decoration, sand table models, display boxes, such as signs, billboards, light box panel and English letter panel.

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▶ acrylic sheet laser cutting machine

Technical Data

Working Area (W * L)

1300mm * 2500mm (51” * 98.4”)


Offline Software

Laser Power


Laser Source

CO2 Glass Laser Tube

Mechanical Control System

Ball Screw & Servo Motor Drive

Working Table

Knife Blade or Honeycomb Working Table

Max Speed


Acceleration Speed


Position Accuracy


Machine Size

3800 * 1960 * 1210mm

Operating Voltage


Cooling Mode

Water Cooling and Protection System

Working Environment

Temperature:0—45℃ Humidity:5%—95%

Package Size

 3850 * 2050 *1270mm



Features of 1325 Laser Cutter

A Giant Leap in Productivity

◾ Stable & excellent cutting quality


Constant Optical Path Design

With the optimal output optical path length, the consistent laser beam at any point in the range of the cutting table can result in an even cut through the entire material, regardless of thickness. Thanks to that, you can get a better cutting effect for acrylic or wood than the half-flying laser path.

◾ High efficiency and precision


Efficient Transmission System

X-axis precision screw module, Y-axis unilateral ball screw provide excellent stability and precision for the high-speed movement of the gantry. Combined with servo motor, the transmission system creates fairly high production efficiency.

◾ Durable and long service life

Stable mechanical structure

The machine body is welded with a 100mm square tube and undergoes vibration aging and natural aging treatment. Gantry and cutting head use integrated aluminum. The overall configuration ensures a stable working state.


◾ High speed processing


High speed of cutting and engraving

Our 1300*2500mm laser cutter can achieve 1-60,000mm /min engraving speed and 1-36,000mm/min cutting speed.

At the same time, position accuracy is also guaranteed within 0.05mm, so that it can cut and engrave 1x1mm numbers or letters, totally no problem.

DIY your acrylic laser cut projects

Thick Acrylic | Laser Cut Acrylic Sheet

Find more videos about our laser cutters at our Video Gallery

Multi-thick acrylic sheet from 10mm to 30mm can be laser cut by Flatbed Laser Cutter 130250 with optional laser power (150W, 300W, 500W).

Some considerations during cutting:

1. adjust the air assist to lower the air blow and pressure to ensure the acrylic can cool down slowly

2. choose the right lens: thicker the material, longer focal length of the lens

3. higher laser power are recommended for the thick acrylic (case by case in different demands)

Acrylic Finishing of laser cutting

• Advertisement Displays

• Architectural Model

• Bracket

• Company Logo

• Modern Furniture

• Letters

• Outdoor Billboards

• Product Stand

• Shopfitting

• Retailer Signs

• Trophy

(acrylic laser cut earrings, acrylic laser cut signs, acrylic laser cut jewellery, acrylic laser cut letters…)


Upgrade Laser Options for you to choose


Mixed Laser Head

A mixed laser head, also known as a metal non-metallic laser cutting head, is a very important part of the metal & non-metal combined laser cutting machine. With this professional laser head, you can cut both metal and non-metal materials. There is a Z-Axis transmission part of the laser head that moves up and down to track the focus position. Its double drawer structure enables you to put two different focus lenses to cut the materials of different thicknesses without adjustment of focus distance or beam alignment. It increases cutting flexibility and makes the operation very easy. You can use different assist gas for different cutting jobs.


Auto Focus

It is mainly used for metal cutting. You may need to set a certain focus distance in the software when the cutting material is not flat or with different thicknesses. Then the laser head will automatically go up and down, keeping the same height & focus distance to match with what you set inside the software to achieve a consistently high cutting quality.

The CCD Camera can recognize and position the pattern on the printed acrylic, assisting laser cutter to realize accurate cutting with high quality. Any customized graphic design printed can be flexibly processed along the outline with the optical system, playing an important part in advertising and other industry.

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