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Laser Cutting Foil

Provide High Precision of Cutting Shapes

Suitable for Small Batch

Material Properties:

Foils made of different materials are used for many different applications. Adhesive foil is for advertising use like small-batch custom stickers, trophy labels, etc. For aluminum foil, it is highly conductive, superior oxygen barrier and moisture barrier properties make foil the preferred material for various packaging applications from food packaging to lidding film for pharmaceutical drugs.


However, with the development of printing, converting, and finishing labels in rolls, foil is also used in the fashion & apparel industry. MimoWork laser helps you to cover the shortage of conventional die cutters and provides a better digital workflow from the beginning to the end.


Related Materials:

Film, Venee



The Advantages of Laser Cutting Foil:


Increasing demanding requirements for foils such as stickers, labels, patches, and other accessories are making the market look for flexible and efficient production methods.

Why manufacturers choose laser cutting?

   Contactless processing, no need to fix the material - save your labor and time

   High flexibility in production - suitable for various patterns and batch

   Precise and accurate cutting results - cut, kiss cut, label, etc.

   No upfront costs for tool construction



How Can MimoWork Help You?

As foil is a material that has a wide range of applications, in order to make sure that your laser system is ideally suited for your application, please contact MimoWork for further consulting and diagnosis. We believe that expertise with fast-changing, emerging technologies at the crossroads of manufacture, innovation, technology, and commerce are a differentiator.