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Handheld Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Portable Laser Engraving Machine with Stong Practicality


The MimoWork Fiber Handheld Laser Marking Machine is the one with the lightest grip on the market. Thanks to its powerful 24V supply system for rechargeable lithium batteries, the fiber laser engraving machine can be constantly working for 6-8 hours. Amazing cruising ability and no cable or wire, which keep you from worrying about the sudden shut-down of the machine. Its portable design and versatility enable you to mark perfectly on large, heavy workpieces that can not be easily moved.



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Advantages of Handheld Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Little Figure, Big Power


Rechargeable & user-friendly

Wireless design and powerful cruising ability. 60 sec standby then shifting to automatic sleeping mode which saves the power and enables machine to be continuely working for 6-8 hours.


Conpact & portable structure

The 1.25kg fiber laser engraver portable is the lightest one on the market. Easy to carry and operate, small size occupy less space, but powerful and flexible marking on various materials.


Excellent laser source

Fine and powerful laser beam from advanced fiber laser provides reliable support with high conversion efficiency and low power consumption & running cost


Superior Performance for your fiber handheld laser engraver

Technical Data

Working Area (W * L) 80mm * 80mm (3.15'' * 3.15'')
Machine Size Main machine 250*135*195mm, laser head & grip 250*120*260mm
Laser Source Fiber Laser
Laser Power 20W
Marking Depth ≤1mm
Marking Speed ≤10000mm/s
Repetition Precision ±0.002mm
Cruising Ability 6-8 hours
Operating System Linux System

Great materials compatiability

MimoWork high-quality laser source makes sure that the fiber laser engraver can be applied flexibly to a wide range of materials.

Metal:  iron, steel, aluminum, brass, alloys

Non-metal:  spray paint material, plastic, wood, paper, leathertextiles


What's your material to be marked?

MimoWork Laser can meet you

Fields of Application

Fiber Laser Engraver for Your Industry


Fiber Laser Engraver for Metal - volume production

✔ Fast laser marking with consistent high precision

✔ Permanent sign while scratch-resistance

✔ Permanent & distinct mark due to fine and flexible laser beam

Realted Products

Laser Source: Fiber

Laser Power: 20W/30W/50W

Marking Speed: 8000mm/s

Working Area (W * L): 70*70mm/ 110*110mm/ 210*210mm/ 300*300mm (optional)

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