How to extend the service life of your CO2 glass laser tube |

How to extend the service life of your CO2 glass laser tube

How to extend the service life of your CO2 glass laser tube

As one of the earliest gas lasers developed, the carbon dioxide laser (CO2 laser) is one of the most useful types of lasers for processing non-metal materials. The CO2 gas as the laser-active medium plays an important role in the process of generating the laser beam. During the usage, the laser tube will undergo thermal expansion and cold contraction from time to time. The sealing at the light outlet is therefore subject to higher forces during laser generating and may show a gas leak during cooling. This is something that can’t be avoided, whether you are using a glass laser tube (as known as DC LASER – direct current) or RF Laser (radio frequency).

Today, we will list few tips that you can maximize the service life of your Glass Laser Tube.

1. Do not turn on and turn off the laser machine too frequently during the day
(Limit to 3 times a day)

By decreasing the number of times of experiencing high and low-temperature conversion, the sealing sleeve at one end of the laser tube will show better gas tightness. Turn off your laser cutting machine during lunch or diner break can be acceptable.

2. Turn off the laser power supply during the non-operating time

Even if your glass laser tube is not generating laser, the performance will also be affected if it is energized for a long time just like other precision instruments.

3. Appropriate Working Environment

Not only for the laser tube, but the whole laser system will also show the best performance in a suitable working environment. Extreme weather conditions or leave the CO2 Laser Machine outside in public for a long time will shorten the service life of the equipment and degrade its performance.

4. Add Purified Water to your water chiller

Do not use mineral water (sprint water) or tap water, which is rich in minerals. As the temperature heats up in the glass laser tube, the minerals scale easily on the surface of the glass that will affect the performance of the laser source indeed.

Temperature Range:

20℃ to 32℃ (68 to 90 ℉) air-conditional will be suggested if not within this temperature range

Humidity Range:

35%~80% (non-condensing) relative humidity with 50% recommended for optimal performance


5. Add antifreeze to your water chiller during the winter

In the cold north, room temperature water inside the water chiller and glass laser tube might freeze because of the low temperature. It will damage your glass laser tube and may lead to the explosion of it. So please remember to add antifreeze when it’s necessary.


6. Regular cleaning of the various parts of your CO2 laser cutter and engraver

Remember, scales will reduce the heat dissipation efficiency of the laser tube, resulting in the reduction of the laser tube power. Replace the purified water in your water chiller is necessary.

For Instance,

Glass Laser Tube's Cleaning

If you have used the laser machine for a while and find out there are scales inside the glass laser tube, please clean it up immediately. There are two methods you can try:

  Add citric acid into warm purified water, mix and inject from the water inlet of the laser tube. Wait for 30 minutes and pour out the liquid from the laser tube.

  Add 1% hydrofluoric acid into the purified water and mix and inject from the water inlet of the laser tube. This method only applies to extremely serious scales and please wear protective gloves while you are adding hydrofluoric acid.

The glass laser tube is the core component of the laser cutting machine, it’s also a consumable good. The average service life of a CO2 glass laser is about 3,000 hrs., approximately you need to replace it every two years. But many users discover that after using a period (roughly 1,500hrs.), the power efficiency degrades gradually and under expectation. The tips listed above may seem simple, but they will help greatly in extending the useful life of your CO2 glass laser tube.

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