Flatbed Laser Cutter 250L

Commercial Laser Cutter Creates Endless Versatility


The Mimowork’s Flatbed Laser Cutter 250L is R&D for wide textile rolls and soft materials, especially for garment fabric, technical textile, and industrial fabric. The 98”  width cutting table can be applied to most of the typical fabric rolls. As a fabric laser cutter and industrial laser cutter, high power and large format working table make it become an ideal choice for banners, teardrop flags, and functional textile cutting. The vacuum-sucking function ensures materials are flat on the table. With the MimoWork Auto Feeder system, the material will be fed directly and endlessly from the roll without any further manual operation. Also, the optional ink-jet print head is available for subsequent processing.


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Advantages of Commercial Laser Cutter

Ultimate Large Fabric Cutter

  Wide applications in industries such as outdoor equipment, technical textile, home textile

  Flexible and fast MimoWork laser cutting technology helps your products quickly respond to market needs

  Evolutionary visual recognition technology and powerful software provide higher quality and reliability for your business.

  Automatic feeding allows unattended operation which saves your labor cost, lower rejection rate (optional)

  Advanced mechanical structure allows laser options and customized working table

Technical Data

Working Area (W * L) 2500mm * 3000mm (98.4’’ *118’’)
Max Material Width 98.4’’
Software Offline Software
Laser Power 150W/300W/450W
Laser Source CO2 Glass Laser Tube or CO2 RF Metal Laser Tube
Mechanical Control System Rack and Pinion Transmission & Servo Motor   Drive
Working Table Mild Steel Conveyor Working Table
Max Speed 1~600mm/s
Acceleration Speed 1000~6000mm/s2

(Upgrade for your industrial fabric laser cutting machine, textile laser cutter)

Ideal for Technical Textile Laser Cutting

Auto Feeder is a feeding unit that runs synchronously with the laser cutting machine. The feeder will convey the roll materials to the cutting table after you put the rolls on the feeder. Feeding speed can be set according to your cutting speed. A sensor is equipped to ensure perfect material positioning and minimize errors. The feeder is able to attach different shaft diameters of rolls. The pneumatic roller can adapt textiles with various tension and thickness. This unit helps you to realize a completely automatic cutting process.

When you are trying to cut out the contours, no matter printing contour or embroidery contour, you may need the Vision System to read the contour or special data for positioning and cutting. Varied options have been designed in our software packages such as contour scanning and marks scanning, serving diverse applications and requirements.

Ink-Jet Printing is widely used for marking and coding products and packages. A high-pressure pump directs liquid ink from a reservoir through a gun-body and a microscopic nozzle, creating a continuous stream of ink droplets via the Plateau-Rayleigh instability. The ink-jet printing technology is a non-contact process and has a wider application in terms of different types of materials. Moreover, inks are also options, like volatile ink or non-volatile ink, MimoWork loves to help to choose according to your needs.

Fields of Application

Laser Cutting for Your Industry

Engraving, marking, and cutting can be realized in single process

✔ High precision in cutting, marking, and perforating with fine laser beam

✔ Fewer material waste, no tool wear, better control of production costs

✔ MimoWork laser guarantees the exacting cutting quality standards of your products

Ensures a safe working environment during operation

Clean and smooth edge with thermal treatment

Bringing about more economical and environment-friendly manufacturing process

✔ Customized working tables meet requirements for varieties of materials formats

✔ Quick response to market from samples to large-lot production

Your popular and wise manufacturing direction

 Smooth and lint-free edge through heat treatment

 High precision in cutting, marking, and perforating with fine laser beam

Greatly saving cost in materials waste

The secret of exquisite pattern cutting

✔ Realize unattended cutting process, reduce manual workload

✔ High-quality value-added laser treatments like engraving, perforating, marking, etc Mimowork adaptable laser ability, suitable to cut diverse materials

✔ Customized tables meet requirements for varieties of materials formats

Common materials and applications

of Flatbed Laser Cutter 250L

Materials: FabricLeatherNylonKevlarCorduraCoated FabricPolyesterEVA, FoamIndustrial MaterialsSynthetic Fabric, and other Non-metal Materials

Applications: Functional Garment, Carpet, Automotive interior, Car SeatAirbagsFiltersAir Dispersion Ducts, Home Textile (Mattress, Curtains, Sofas, Armchairs, Textile Wallpaper), Outdoor (Parachutes, Tents, Sports Equipment)

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