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Laser Wire Stripper

Fast & Precise Laser Wire Stripper for Insulating Layer


MimoWork Laser Wire Stripping Machine M30RF is a desktop model which is simple in appearance but exerts an important effect on stripping insulation layer from the wire. The capability of M30RF for continuous processing and the smart design makes it the first choice for multi-conductor stripping. Wire stripping removes sections of insulation or shielding from wires and cables to provide electrical contact points for termination. Laser wire stripping is fast and provides excellent precision and digital process control. High speed and reliable machine quality help you to achieve continuous stripping.


Product Detail

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Mechanical Support from Laser Wire Stripper

◼ Small Size

The desktop model with compact and small in size.

◼ Automation Working Flow

One-key operation with the automatic computer-control system, saving time and labor.

◼ High-Speed Stripping

Stripping wire simultaneously by up and down dual laser heads brings high efficiency and convenience for stripping.

Technical Data

Working Area (W * L) 200mm * 50mm
Laser Power US Synrad 30W RF Metal Laser Tube
Cutting Speed 0-6000mm/s
Positioning Precision within 0.02mm
Repeat Precision within 0.02mm
Dimension 600 * 900 * 700mm
Cooling Method air cooling

Why choose laser to strip wires?

Principle of laser wire stripping


During the laser wire stripping process, the energy of radiation emitted by the laser is absorbed strongly by the insulating material. As the laser penetrates the insulation, it vaporizes the material through to the conductor. However, the conductor strongly reflects the radiation at the CO2 laser wavelength and is therefore unaffected by the laser beam. Because the metallic conductor is essentially a mirror at the wavelength of the laser, the process is effective “self-terminating”, that is the laser vaporizes all of the insulating material down to the conductor and then stops, so no process control is required to prevent damage to the conductor.

Advantages from laser wire stripping

✔ Clean and thorough stripping for insulation

✔ No damage to the core conductor

Comparatively, conventional wire-stripping tools make physical contact with the conductor, which can damage the wire and slow down processing speed.

✔ High repetition – steady quality


Video Glance of laser wire stripping

Suitable materials

Fluoropolymers (PTFE, ETFE, PFA), PTFE /Teflon®, Silicone, PVC, Kapton®, Mylar®, Kynar®, Fiberglass, ML, Nylon, Polyurethane, Formvar®, Polyester, Polyesterimide, Epoxy, Enameled coatings, DVDF, ETFE /Tefzel®, Milene, Polyethylene, Polyimide, PVDF and other hard, soft or high-temperature material…

Fields of Application


Common applications

(medical electronics, aerospace, consumer electronics and automotive)

• Catheter wiring

• Pacemaker electrodes

• Motors and transformers

• High-performance windings

• Hypodermic tubing coatings

• Micro-coaxial cables

• Thermocouples

• Stimulation electrodes

• Bonded enamel wiring

• High-performance data cables

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