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  • Laser Wire Stripper
  • Laser Wire Stripper
product description

MimoWork Laser Stripping Machine M30RF is a desktop model with simple appearance. The wire strippers deliver an extraordinarily wide range of applications. The ability of M30RF for continuous processing and the smart design make it the first choice for multi-conductor stripping.

With the size of 600*900*700mm (W*L*H), you can put it on your table. The machine is equipped with US and Japan imported spare parts can realize stable performance. All the programs can be controlled by one key, simple handling and increased productivity, suitable for continuous work within 24 hrs. 


Process Materials: Filament, mini-filament coaxial cables, electronic cable industry and HDMI, USB, DVI, DP, SATA, SFP and other aluminum foil and corn wire stripping and many others

Application: non-metallic materials, including polyvinyl chloride, glass fiber, polyester, polyester film, nylon, polyethylene, fluoride, silicon resin, other different hardness high temperature resistant insulating materials.


Working Area
200mm * 50mm
Laser PowerUS Synrad 30W RF Metal Laser Tube
Cutting Speed0-6000mm/s
Positioning Precisionwithin 0.02mm
Repeat Precisionwithin 0.02mm
Dimension600 * 900 * 700mm
Cooling Methodair cooling


A. Adopted imported laser, light spot is smaller and finer than domestic laser, low power with stability.

B. Equipped with movable X-Y axis, the stripping position can be adjustable freely, can process several wires at one time.

C. Adopted imported PLC controller and touch-screen with complete function, simple and easy for operating, it can set up and retain several processing files.

D. Adopted precision linear motion module, which is of high precision, low noise and fast speed.

E. Equipped with optical system pollution preventing device and absorptive exhausting device.

F. Professional for processing different types of cable.

G. Stripping off effectively the insulating layer of PVC, PE, QRW Teflon...etc.

H. Precisely control the stripping location, size and depth, the reliability and consistency of the wire end processed can reach to 100%