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Laser cutting on nylon

Professional and qualified laser processing solution for nylon


Parachutes, activewear, ballistic vest, military clothing, the familiar nylon articles all can be laser cut with flexible and precise cutting method. No contact cutting on nylon avoid material distortion and damage. Also MimoWork laser systems provide customers suitable customized laser solutions for different requirements(various nylon variations, different sizes and shapes). Specialization and customization processing is the unique advantage of MimoWork laser cutter.

Why is CO2 laser system suitable for cutting nylon? CO2 laser source with 9.3 and 10.6 micron wave length is prone of being partly absorbed by nylon materials to melt the material by photothermal conversion. Additionally, flexible and varied processing methods can create more possibilities for nylon articles, including laser cutting and laser engraving. Inherent processing feature of laser system has been not stopping the pace of innovating for customers' more demands.


Application of laser cutting nylon


ballistic cloth

Clothing and Fashion

Military Clothing

Specialty Textiles

Medical Devices

Interior Design





Laser processing for nylon

Laser cutting

Thermal treatment and accurate laser power decide the precise and fitting melting for cut nylon material, ensuring clean edge, eliminating the trouble of secondary burr-processing. And customized working tables guarantee constant laser cutting on materials.


Laser engraving

During engraving articles, Stereoscopic effects and intricate patterns mean more fine tool head and appropriate cutting force. Laser engraving on nylon materials can perfectly solve the trouble. Importing the engraving file, setting the laser parameter, pressing the start button, diverse and intricate engraved patterns on the nylon will come into view.


Laser perforating

Benefits from laser cutting nylon

Sealing the edges guarantees clean and flat edge

Any pattern and shape can be laser cut

No fabric deformation and damage

Constant and repeatable cutting quality

No tool abrasion and replacement

No need for material fixation

Material information of laser cutting nylon

Firstly successfully being commercialized as synthetic thermoplastic polymer, nylon 6,6 are launched by DuPont as military clothing, specialty textiles, medical devices. With high resistance of abrasion, high tenacity, rigidity and toughness, elasticity, nylon can be melt-processed into different fibers, films, or shape and play versatile roles in apparel, flooring, electrical equipment and molded parts for automotive and aviation. Combined with blending and coating technology, nylon has developed many variations. Nylon 6, nylon 510, nylon-cotton, nylon-polyester are taking on responsibilities in various occasions.  As an artificial composite material, nylon can be perfectly cut on laser cutter. No worry about material distortion and damage, laser systems featured by contactless and forceless processing. Superior colorfastness and dying for varieties of colors, printed and dyed nylon fabrics can be laser cut into accurate patterns and shapes. Supported by recognition systems, laser cutter will be your good helper in processing nylon materials.


Other terms of nylon

aliphatic polyamides